Spring has finally arrived! As of Monday, April 3rd the students may wear their spring uniforms.
Girls – Khaki school shorts w/SMS short-sleeve polo shirt or the year round Black watch jumper or skirt.
Boys – Khaki school shorts or long pants w/SMS short sleeve polo shirt.
On Gym and Art days all may wear the SMS gym shorts and SMS T-shirt.

Below are a few of April’s events:

11 Talent Show @ 7P.M.
Out of Uniform Day – Blue & Gold
12  The Passion presented by Grade 5 @ 8:30A.M. in church
12:15 Dismissal
No AfterCare
13-23  Easter Break
16  Happy Easter
 Return from Break

Our class trip will be May 12th. Parents may join us BUT they must drive themselves and purchase tickets at the venue and are  to have completed the “Protecting God’s Children” class. A class will be offered with the date to be announced. More information will be sent home.

I wish for you many blessings for the Easter holiday.


Any concerns or questions please feel free to contact me. A note sent in with your child is the quickest way to reach me or you can call the office and leave a message with a callback number and I will return the call as quickly as I can.