DSC07036Mrs. Provod’s third grade class participated in a Mystery Skype call during Wednesday’s computer class. In a Mystery Skype call two teachers from different parts of the world partner up and agree, in advance, on a date and time to get their classes together. At 9am, Valerie and Nicholas introduced our class. They mystery class introduced themselves. Joseph began by asking the first Yes/No question to try to determine where in the world this school was located. His first question was “Is your school in North America?” The answer was Yes. Bernardo used a map in an atlas and Benjamin used Google Earth to try to find questions that could start narrowing down their location. In the meanwhile, Skye began answering questions for the partner class. Liz took photographs and Helene took video. Nyssa, Nicholas, and Zoe took notes in pads of paper so we knew what questions were asked and the answers we received. Nicollette was our thinker helping Bernardo think about what the next question might be for Joseph. Christopher helped walk answers to Skye and questions to Joseph. Samuel helped Benjamin navigate Google Earth and think about next questions and answers. Jordan was our supervisor. She took notes to help us understand what we might do better the next time we have a Mystery Skype.

DSC07038After finding out the partner’s state touched the Gulf of Mexico the student’s first guess was that our partner was in Florida. We were wrong. Bernardo then wondered if they were located in New Orleans. He was right! It took their students a few more questions such as “Are you the smallest state in the United States”, “Do you have beaches”, “Is your state named after a girl’s name” to determine that we were from New Jersey. Afterwards, the students shared what their school uniforms looked like and told a little bit about who their school was named after. We shared that Saint Michael is named after the Archangel Michael. We learned their school was named for Saint Joan of Arc. Our students said the Prayer to Saint Michael and their school sang their school anthem. It was a great experience and we look forward to trying to do this again after Christmas break.

View our entire set of photos from the call. Video to be uploaded soon.