2013 October: Science of Bacteria is Brewing in 7th Grade

2013-Oct-7ScienceThe 7th graders are brewing with information about the kingdom of bacteria. Colorful scientific drawings were created and “Bacterial Disease” reports were written to increase the their knowledge.

Please enjoy our photo gallery of their work.

2013 Celebrating Service

2013OctHonoreesOn October 4, 2013 the faculty of Saint Michael School attended the Opening of Schools Mass for all schools in the Archdiocese of Newark. The afternoon mass took place at the Cathedral Basilica of the Sacred Heart. At that Mass the Archbishop bestowed a token of appreciation to a chosen few educators. Two faculty members of Saint Michael School had the good fortune to meet the Archbishop and receive his blessing for their numerous years of dedicated service to the children in the Archdiocese of Newark. Mrs. Margaret Krako celebrated 30 years in Catholic education. Mrs. Barbara Grossi celebrated 40 years in Catholic education. We here at Saint Michael School are blessed to work among them.

2013 Second Grade State Research

DSC06610The second grade students are learning about our 50 states. The students practiced navigating two websites to learn about the state capital, abbreviation, bird, tree, flower, and borders. Please take a moment to enjoy photos as they completed their work for Mrs. McGlynn in computer class!

2013 World Food Day


In recognition of World Food Day, 2013, Student government sponsored an Out of Uniform Day. Every student was asked to donate a food item which was then presented to Cranford Family Care. It was a very successful event.

First Grade Studies Habitats

DSC06603The first grade students have been studying habitats in science class. Today they shared habitats, created in shoe boxes, with their teacher and classmates. Please take a moment to enjoy photos of their fine work!

2013 Annual Retreat

The theme of Friday’s retreat was “Make Me a Channel of Your Peace.”

Mrs. Dombrowski started the retreat with the following comments:

This past Friday Pope Francis was in Assisi visiting the birthplace of the man who is so important to him as Pope.

Saint Francis of Assisi was a son who came from a wealthy family in Assisi, Italy. He realized early in his life that material possessions didn’t mean much. What holds meaning is living a life centered on God and living the word of God for others. He became a man of poverty, a man of peace, and a man who loved and protected creation.

Pope Francis I was born in Argentina but he, unlike Francis of Assisi, did not come from a wealthy family. However, he, like Francis, found a life centered on God and living the word of God for others. He is a man who embraces poverty, peace, and the love and protection of creation.

When he was elected Pope, he chose the name Francis because when the votes were counted and it became obvious that he would be the next Pope, his great friend Cardinal Hummes from Brazil hugged him and said, “Don’t forget the poor.”

On Friday we honored both of these great men of the Church. We hope that we, like them, can make a difference in the world we live in now to be “the poor church that takes care of others with no concern for itself.”

Our retreat is the act of moving away from something. We look forward to returning as different people based on our reflection throughout the day.

Photos from the retreat day.

Video from the retreat closing.