OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe PreK3 through third grade students walked to Hansen Park to release butterflies today. Previous to the walk each class participated in several projects.

Mrs. Byrne shares that the Kindergarten children watched the butterflies go from caterpillars to chrysalises to butterflies in the classroom. They read about the butterfly life cycle and colored and sequenced the steps of the cycle. They watched a video about the cycle and learned a song about it. Finally, they painted butterflies and made wands for the parade.

Mrs. McGlynn explains that each class was given a covered cup with a caterpillar and food. They witnessed all the stages of becoming a butterfly. After the chrysalis formed, they were transferred to a hanging habitat. Once they became butterflies, the students fed them with sugar water and orange slices. Each class decorated paper butterflies and taped them to a stick. Everyone learned the learned the butterfly song. Once the butterflies were ready, the students and teachers paraded to Hansen Park and released the butterflies in the butterfly garden. Everyone played games, had snack, and walked through the park.

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