Kindergarten and PK-4 Math Stations

2014-pk-k-math2Mrs. Obergfell’s Pre-K4 and Mrs. Vitale’s Kindergarten classes got together this morning to work at Math Stations.  There were five stations. The students were broken into groups.  Each group had both PreK and Kindergarten students.  The teachers and aides managed the students in the stations and kept them moving every few minutes so all were able to get to every station.

The stations were geared toward several Kindergarten and PreK math concepts such as counting, matching, measuring and patterns.  All were hands on learning stations where the students were working with various types of manipulatives.

Our students were asked to count and separate waffle blocks by color in our counting station.  We played matching games with the numbers 1-15 by using Dr. Seuss counting flash cards.  In the pattern stations the children made animals using pattern blocks and created their own color and shape patterns with graph paper and crayons.  The students were asked to weigh bear counters and blocks to determine which were heavier at the weigh station.

2014-pk-k-mathOur math stations were a great success for both grades.  We are intending to get together soon and not only use stations for math but also for language arts and phonics.

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Storm Chaser Assembly


The fourth through eighth grade students enjoyed learning about tornadoes and storms through the photos and video of storm chaser, Mr. Tom Romero.

Bagel Buddies January 29, 2014

2014bb1Our PK-3 through eighth grade students enjoyed special time with their Bagel Buddies for Catholic Schools Week. Enjoy the photos of everyone’s happy, smiling faces!

Catholic Schools Week 2014 Tuesday Activities

During the afternoon our lower grade students in PK-4 through 3rd grade enjoyed the game of Bingo. The students got a lot of practice with number recognition, too. The students in grades 4 through 8 practiced their teamwork skills with the game of Keep the Ball Up. It takes a lot of effort to work with classmates to keep the beach ball from falling to the ground.

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Catholic Schools Week Valentines for Vets Buddies

2014Jan28VetThe students in grades six and seven partnered up with their PK-3 through Kindergarten buddies to create Valentine’s Day cards for veterans. The first and eighth grade students partnered up for a project in the science lab. Please enjoy some photos.

Photos from partner projects.

2014 Eighth Grade Pin Mass

Our Catholic Schools Week activities begin with the beautiful pin ceremony. Please enjoy photos from the event.