Drama Club News

On Feb. 6, 2014, the SMS Drama Club, featuring students from Grades 5 – 8, presented “A Night at the Wax Museum”.  The play is about a first-year high school history teacher, who takes a few failing students to her aunts’ wax museum, to help get it up and running, and learn some history in the process.  During the course of events, a strange magic spell brings the wax figures to life, which results in the students learning first hand about Blackbeard the pirate, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, Henry VIII, and Cleopatra, among others.  During intermission, the newest Drama students, 15 Fourth Graders, presented a demonstration of Theatre Games.  All in attendance enjoyed a riotous evening of theatre.

View the full set of photos on Shutterfly.

Mystery Skype Video

In November 3B students participated in a Mystery Skype call. This is a video showing what they did. We are looking forward to several more Skype calls which have been delayed due to snow and ice around the country and in our own backyard! PreK-4O, 7A/7B, and 6th grade Spanish should be working with their partner schools over the next several weeks. Click here for a direct link to a larger video.

School Closed February 3, 2014

Saint Michael School will be closed today to ensure the safety of our students, their families, faculty, and staff.