April has begun on a wet note for us ,hopefully that means we can look to May for an array of beautiful flowers. We are now in the fifth week of Lent and that means Easter is not too far away. We are in our last trimester of third grade but we still have much to cover in the next two and a half months.

We did a fabulous job on our March Plays and have one for Easter and Our Rosary Plays for May. Our March Book Reports, done as dioramas, were outstanding. For the month of April, our selection will be a free choice on a third grade reading level, the method of report will be a mobile. Due date April 28th the last school day in April. A paper with directions will be sent home. As part of our Religion class, we will be collecting bagged Easter candy so that we may make a donation to Cranford Family Care to help them make Easter Baskets for needy families. We will be taking part in the Grade 3 Great Mail Race. We will each be writing two letters to a Third Grade Class in a Catholic School in each of the 50 States telling them about our great school. We are hoping to get many responses back again as we have in the past. We are in the process of making final plans for our class trip to see the Somerset Patriots on May 17th. I am grateful for the number of people who wish to accompany us. Please remember that you must have a certificate that shows you have taken part in Protecting God’s Children in order to come along.

A Happy and Blessed Easter and Wonderful Restful Vacation to all.

Mrs. Krako

Dates to Remember

April 3: Summer Uniforms

April 11: Talent Show 7pm

April 12: 8:30  5th Grade Passion Play

Single Session

April 24: School Reopens