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Students will explore, discuss and summarize the various concepts presented according to the four pillars of the Catechism of the Catholic Church.  A test will follow the completion of each chapter.  A computer link to review for each chapter can be found by going to www.BeMyDisciples.com. Much of what we do and discuss in Religion class will be tied to helping the students live their lives in a faithful manner every day.

Grammar and Written Communication
Using the textbook, students will identify and correctly use the 8 parts of speech, and the main parts of a sentence.  Homework is generally a workbook page, or the completion of class work.  The “Writing Application” on the workbook pages is to be completed in the Language Arts notebook.  Periodic quizzes are given, followed by a unit test.  A variety of writing assignments are given and displayed in the hallway.  A folder will be maintained throughout the year with copies of all major writing assignments.

Written Report Rubric

Each week begins with a pre-test on prior knowledge of the word list, and a weekly test will follow the completion of the chapter, usually on Fridays.  Spelling chapter work is due on the day of the weekly test.


Students will read an average of one story per week from the literature anthology.  Workbook exercises reinforce all aspects of story comprehension, skills and strategies, and vocabulary.  There will be a quiz after each story. Vocabulary workbooks are provided, and supplemental vocabulary practice will be completed.    Students will also be required to complete book reports, which will be assigned well in advance of a due date.  Certain of these books must be selected from the Accelerated Reader list.  Details will follow.

The Accelerated Reader Program is also incorporated into the Reading curriculum.  A minimum of one Accelerated Reader book per trimester is to be read.  A grade will be given for the successful completion of both the book and a corresponding computerized test.

The study of various grade level-appropriate novels will round out the year of Reading, complete with literature circles & discussions, as well as comprehension quizzes of content.


Through daily practice and reinforcement, students will study all areas of Math, including Measurement, Decimals, Fractions, Geometry, and the review of basics.  Homework will be given nightly in Math, with very few exceptions.  A midchapter review quiz and a test will be given in every chapter.  There will be several group projects and activities done throughout the year.
Accelerated Math worksheets will be used in each chapter to reinforce skills.  These computerized worksheets will be done in class only, and be kept in a student Accelerated Math folder.   Accelerated Math is done at the student’s own pace, and can only help to IMPROVE a student’s grade.  ϑ


During this year, 4th Graders will study our home state of New Jersey.  The students will learn about the history of NJ, from the Lenape Indians through the American Revolution, right up to current times.  We will also learn about the workings of government, especially our local and state branches.  Traditionally, we visit Trenton sometime in the spring for our class trip, as a wonderful climax to all our New Jersey studies.  Homework is given several times per week, depending upon topic.  A vocabulary quiz is given midway in each chapter, and a test will follow each chapter.  Students are responsible for maintaining a notebook for Social Studies, which will be checked at the end of each marking period, and included in their grade. The students will work on map activities in the classroom.  Map tests will either be at the end of the chapter or at the completion of a particular lesson.  One project will be assigned per marking period.


Grade 4 Science will touch on the 4 major areas of Science, based on both the Archdiocesan and NJ State Core Curriculum standards.  The focus will be given as follows: 1st Trimester: Space & Technology and Earth Science;  2nd Trimester: Earth Science and Life Science;  3rd Trimester: Life Science and Physical Science. Students will have a test after each chapter.   Students will complete lab reports on both guided inquiry and laboratory experiments.  Their Lab Report grade average is combined with their grade on at least one major project per marking period as their “SCIENCE PROJECT” grade on the report cards.