This beautiful statue of Our Lady is situated on the corner shelf of 5A near the doorway.  The children walk by Mary several times a day. Hopefully it serves as a reminder of the wonderfully holy example of motherhood Our Lady gave to the church. The statue originally adorned my beloved mother’s bureau when she was alive.   My mother had great devotion to Mary, so much so she kept rosaries under her pillow, handy enough for her make recitations every day.  She derived much strength from Mary, strength that I hope, can transfer to my students.

So in keeping with Catholic tradition, 5A will heighten our attention to Mary this month of May.  Each child will be asked to bring in rosaries.  The class, I’m sure, will be able to help those who cannot retrieve any.  They will be hung on the outside bulletin board so the different designs can be admired.  When all are accounted for, I will set apart time and lead the whole class in saying the rosary together.

Another great Catholic tradition the students of 5A will experience will be our annual May Crowning on May 5th.  The honor guard will be our First Holy Communicants and the ladies-in-waiting will be our eighth grade girls.  The honor of crowning Mary goes to Caitlin Turner, selected by the eighth grade for her extraordinary example of goodness.  All parents are invited to attend this wonderful tribute to Mary on Friday, May 5th at 8:30 AM.