The human struggle to be good is an ongoing process and if neglected, often wreaks havoc on ones life and that of our loved ones.  Catholics heighten this exercise to renew our commitment to Christ and be good during Lent through sacrifice, charity and prayer.

5A is focusing on those ways to improve ourselves.  Sometime next week a special visit to the church will be made to receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation.  In addition, we memorialize Christ’ Crucifixion by witnessing the Stations of the Cross weekly.  The children are also completing THE LITTLE PURPLE LENTEN BOOK so graciously provided by St. Michael Parish.   And let us not forget our Out of Uniform day donations.  We will have another opportunity to send money to our class charity, the Heifer Foundation.  Finally, we are now practicing for a live presentation of the PASSION, which will be held on the Wednesday before Easter (April 12, 2017) at 8:30 AM in the church.  Everyone is invited.

In anticipation of the celebration of the Triduum it is my hope that all this preparation renews the children’s (and yours too) connection to Christ and our faith.  May you have a glorious Easter!