Dear Parents, Guardians, and Students, 

I hope everyone enjoyed the St. Michael Feast. I’m sure the children had a blast. It now looks like Fall weather is here to stay. Let’s hope so.  It’s perfect weather to learn! 

I thought you might like to see this.  Over the years I’ve been sharing this message.  It’s printed on the reverse side of my dear mother’s seventh grade report card from the 1934.  She attended Sacred Heart   Roman Catholic Grammar School in Jersey City.  Sister Maxima was her teacher.  Apart from the rather stellar penmanship of my grandfather, you might find the text interesting.  I invite you to read it.  Much of the advice is still worthwhile following.  Some not.  So, in the words of Dinah Maria Craic “keep what is worth keeping, and with a breath of kindness, blow the rest away.” 

Mrs. McCann