The After School Program is available to students in Pre-K3 through Grade 8.

1.   At the time of registration, there is a yearly non-refundable $30 Family Registration fee. Guidelines for the program will be issued when registration takes place.

2.   Payment plan – Students using the After School Program will fall into Plan A or Plan B.

Schedule of fees for 2013-2014

Program: Monthly Cost Plan A
1st Child
Each add’l
Plan B
1st Child
Each add’l
5 days per week $280.00 $150.00 $160.00  $90.00
4 days per week  250.00  135.00  145.00  85.00
3 days per week 190.00  100.00  125.00  75.00
2 days per week 125.00  70.00  100.00  60.00


3.   Payment is due at the beginning of the month that the service will be rendered.

4.   Family Registration Fee is $30.

5.   Noted above are the rates for the first child enrolled in the After-Care Program and also for each additional child within the family.

6.   Walk-ins will be accepted a $16 per day per child. (NOTE: Be sure to register before sending your child for the program.)

7.   These rates and fees are subject to change. Please call the school for the latest information.