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2013 December Fourth Grade Kean Science Carnival

Our fourth grade students were invited to attend a Science Carnival held by the Biotechnology Club at Kean University. The purpose of Science Carnival is to collaborate with young students to spark an early interest in the science field. The day started at 9:30 A.M. and ended after a lunch of pizza. Students attended the event in the STEM building and explored numerous activities, both hands-on and demonstrations by the Biotechnology Club members.  One of our alumni, Michael Oro, is a freshman in the STEM program at Kean. As a member of the Biotechnology Club, he enjoyed sharing his love of science through a hands-on oil spill cleanup activity.

Mrs. DeMan took photos. Click here to view the photos.

Our fourth graders reflected on the event in this audio podcast. Click the play button below to listen.

2013 December Author David Mercaldo Visit

2013DecAuthorOn Wednesday December 4, the Kindergarten through third grade students spent time with author David Mercaldo. He read a selection from his book Little Boy Boo and shared stories about his work. Dr. Mercaldo was a teacher, principal, and playwright. He spoke about writing stories and how important it is to edit and rewrite as a student and an author. His book does not have illustration. It does have blank pages for the students to add illustrations. Little Boy Boo includes a blank space for the child to add their name as illustrator. Please enjoy some photos taken during the session with the first grade students.

Click this link for more photographs.

2013 Fourth Through Eighth Grade Advent Ceremony

Each Monday during Advent the school has the Advent wreath lighting ceremonies: one for PK-3 and a second for 4-8. Please enjoy this video from yesterday’s 4th through 8th grade assembly.

2013 November Mystery Skype Call

DSC07036Mrs. Provod’s third grade class participated in a Mystery Skype call during Wednesday’s computer class. In a Mystery Skype call two teachers from different parts of the world partner up and agree, in advance, on a date and time to get their classes together. At 9am, Valerie and Nicholas introduced our class. They mystery class introduced themselves. Joseph began by asking the first Yes/No question to try to determine where in the world this school was located. His first question was “Is your school in North America?” The answer was Yes. Bernardo used a map in an atlas and Benjamin used Google Earth to try to find questions that could start narrowing down their location. In the meanwhile, Skye began answering questions for the partner class. Liz took photographs and Helene took video. Nyssa, Nicholas, and Zoe took notes in pads of paper so we knew what questions were asked and the answers we received. Nicollette was our thinker helping Bernardo think about what the next question might be for Joseph. Christopher helped walk answers to Skye and questions to Joseph. Samuel helped Benjamin navigate Google Earth and think about next questions and answers. Jordan was our supervisor. She took notes to help us understand what we might do better the next time we have a Mystery Skype.

DSC07038After finding out the partner’s state touched the Gulf of Mexico the student’s first guess was that our partner was in Florida. We were wrong. Bernardo then wondered if they were located in New Orleans. He was right! It took their students a few more questions such as “Are you the smallest state in the United States”, “Do you have beaches”, “Is your state named after a girl’s name” to determine that we were from New Jersey. Afterwards, the students shared what their school uniforms looked like and told a little bit about who their school was named after. We shared that Saint Michael is named after the Archangel Michael. We learned their school was named for Saint Joan of Arc. Our students said the Prayer to Saint Michael and their school sang their school anthem. It was a great experience and we look forward to trying to do this again after Christmas break.

View our entire set of photos from the call. Video to be uploaded soon.


2013 E-mail Correspondence Notice

Saint Michael School is continuing to “Go Green”!!

Mrs. Miragliotta would like to begin sending all correspondence to our school families via e-mail. It will be a wonderful way to be able to communicate beginning next week when the December letter, menu and calendar are distributed.

A form was sent home in the backpack today requesting your preference and ability to receive e-mail. The form has a spot to indicate the preferred e-mail address.

If you cannot find the form, please look at our In the Backpack page.

Thank you!

2013 Turkey of Many Thanks


Every class gave a feather full of wonderful thoughts of thanks for the season. The entire school participated. You will find our turkey in the entry hall of the school.

2013 Pamper with a Purpose Fundraiser

Pamper with a Purpose Fundraiser. Present voucher at the time of your service or gift certificate purchase and 10% of the sale will be donated to Saint Michael School.

Details: The C.A.L.M. Approach Therapeutic Message Center
Event Dates: November 29-December 15, 2013
Location: 126 South Avenue East, Cranford, NJ 07016
Phone: 908-709-1903
Website: www.thecalmapproach.com
eMail: calmapproach@aol.com

Please download the PDF file if you need extra copies of the voucher which is coming home in the backpack.

2013 November Reminder – Food Donation

Reminder to send in donation for Cranford Family Care for Thanksgiving. Delivery to Cranford Family Care is Friday, November 22.

PreK – pasta, jarred or canned sauce
KA – juice
KB – cookie, brownie, muffin mix
1A – cake mix, canned frosting
2A – pudding, jell-o, graham cracker crust
2B – fruit cocktail, applesauce
3A – canned corn, peas, carrots
3B – canned yams, green beans
4A – flour, sugar, confectionary sugar
4B – boxed potatoes, canned gravy
5A – cranberry sauce, stuffing mix
6A – paper products; napkins, plates, paper towels
6B – dry milk, chicken broth
7A – $2.00 to purchase turkeys
7B – $2.00 to purchase turkeys
8A – canned soup, vegetables, Bisquick

If you would like to donate a frozen turkey please send it to school on Friday the 22nd ONLY.

Thank you for your generosity!

2013 November Zoo Assembly

DSC07025On November 13, the Turtle Back Zoo outreach program visited Saint Michael School.  Zoo personnel brought various animals from their education collection.  Grades Kindergarten through Grade 4, individually, were assembled for the following topics: Growing Up Wild; Fur, Feathers and Scales; Animal Tales; Amazing Animal Adaptations; and Warm-Blooded and Cold-blooded Animals. The students and teachers enjoyed making some new zoo friends.  They were especially pleased to meet a beautiful snowy owl.

See more of the  photos from the assembly here.

Accelerated Reader in Spreadsheet Format

booksSeveral families requested the Accelerated Reader book list be made available in a spreadsheet. It is now available on the school web page under Student Life > Accelerated Reader.