• Kindergarten recently celebrated the 100th day of school. We completed several fun filled learning activities integrated into each core subject. For example, a math class favorite was making a fruit loop necklace by counting 100 fruit loops in groups of tens. In reading class, we read a book called One Hundred Days of School. This was a class participation book that required listening and critical thinking skills. Other special event activities include Ash Wednesday, Mardi Gras, The Birthday Celebration of Dr. Seuss, and St. Patrick’s Day.


  • In Religion, we learned about Baptism, Mass, Kindness, Fairness, God loves us, How God shows his love for us, and How we can show God our love. Next, is Understanding that Jesus taught us to Pray and the Holy Trinity.



  • KA completed Reading Unit 5, Animals. In this Unit, we learned about different animals and covered the /f/ and short /o/ sounds. The children are progressing nicely in their reading which is greatly facilitated by their homework and decodable reader booklets. We use classroom and take home decodable readers. You see the paper booklets sent home with a homework stamp for practice. After the student reads to the teacher, we send the booklets home to keep. A sticker means the student read it to the teacher. If a word is circled, it means they still need some practice.


  • Next, we begin Reading Unit 6. This unit is about Neighborhoods, People and Places, and Community workers.
  • Our new sight / homework words are is and play.


  • In Math, we learned to tell time to the hour. We will make take home clock for continued practice. The class did extremely well in this chapter. We used the whiteboard to write numeric time and draw hands on a clock face to depict time. The children enjoy taking turns writing on the whiteboard with the markers and it helps them focus. Additionally, we continue to review counting with ten frames, the concepts of tens and ones, writing numerals, and calendar.


  • This week we have begun to work on Geometry. Examples of the topics covered in this unit are Geometric Shapes, 2D objects, 3D objects, equal parts, and half.


  • In Language Arts, we are learning about the sequencing concepts of First, Next, and Last. The students will write stories using these sequencing concepts.


  • Our Science Units have us exploring the Weather and Plants. We will spend time graphing the weather and learning about the parts and life cycle of plants. We have some interesting experiments and projects planned for the classroom. So, keep your ears open for interesting science experiment details from your children.


  • Date to Remember – March 10th Single Session 12:15 Dismissal