Dear Parents,
Can you believe it’s two months away from Kindergarten Graduation! They have grown and learned so much.In Religion we talked about Zacchaeus and how he should not be selfish….be giving and listen to Jesus. We learned about the Holy Spirit a helper, Jesus sent to remind us about his constant presence. We are also discussing Palm Sunday (we read a Bible story) and the meaning of Easter.

Our Reading Unit is focusing on types of weather and we have integrated this into our science theme also. We learned about the wind and created a booklet. Now we are discussing Rain and Thunder and Lightning and it’s positive and negative effects on the environment. We only have 2 more units in our Reading Series. We should complete all ten by the end of the year.

Phonics has continued to focus on beginning sounds and the vowel (e). Word families and Rhyming are helpful in mastering sounds and decoding.

Our Math curriculum is now presenting coins and their value. Please go over the coins with them (penny, nickel, dime). We are skip counting by 5’s and tens,

We are also talking about communities and learning our addresses. Please practice this at home along with a phone number they can memorize. These are important life skills.

I know this is a lot of information but it is important. Last but not least our class trip to Imagine That is May 12th. A letter with all necessary information will follow.

Have a Blessed Easter and enjoy the school break. Enjoy the time with your children.


Michelle Vitale

Debbie Paster