June 2017Dear Parents,

Can you imagine that the “lazy, hazy days of summer” are just at our heels! We would like to take this time to share a few thoughts with you …

Each child is a gift and we should keep this always in our minds and hearts. There are very trying moments in raising and educating these little individuals, and be sure that they are very different, even sibling to sibling. We hope that kindergarten has prepared them to be good students, given them confidence and self-worth and fostered a love for learning. Above all, we hope that they have mastered, in some small way, the kindness and patience they will need to carry them in life.

Your continued support during this school year helped us to create a nurturing environment for all. Thank you so very much for sharing your children with us.

Just a reminder please take them to the Library and keep reading with them.
Go over the sight words that we will be sending home and continue to foster their self worth and zest for learning.
Happy Safe Summer! God Bless You!Love,

Michelle Vitale

Debbie Paster