Grades K-2

  • Teach early stages of note recognition in order to enable students to sight-read music, therefore having a greater understanding and love of music.
  • Specifically to identify types of notes, (whole, half, quarter and eighth) also rhythms and time signatures, names of notes on treble clef staff. Warming up their voices in order to teach and reinforce proper breathing and better sound quality. Learning dynamics (how soft or loud to sing), depending on notation of music.
  • Also learn and sing songs incorporating reading skills for grades K-1 (example – ending sounds).

Grades 3-8

  • Continuation of above skills, as well as reading actual sheet music and learning to sing in two-part harmony.
  • Students are also learning and listening to biographies and music of different composers and cultures and therefore gaining an appreciation for different styles of music. Students then take what they have learned and apply these techniques into their concert performances throughout the school year.

GOAL: To appreciate and enjoy a lifetime of music!