Homework for Mrs. DeMan


You may contact me via email …. ldeman@smscranford.com

Tuesday, Dec. 12, 2017

  • Secret Santa Shop, 9:25 AM on Thursday 12/14
  • Out of Uniform Day (Ugly Christmas sweater) Friday 12/15
  • Letter about our classroom Grab Bag went home today.

Science – Chapter 6 Test tomorrow … USE YOUR STUDY SHEET!!

English – Finish classwork, p. 54 in Workbook.  (some students owe the writing assignment from yesterday! :-( )

Math – Math Project due … Also, Wkbk. p.31, #1 – 11, odds only (complete on loose leaf)

Spelling – pp. 54 – 56, and Menu assignment, all due on Friday.

Spanish – Crossword puzzle, due on Monday, 12/18


Monday, Dec. 11, 2017

  • Our class will attend the SECRET SANTA SHOP on Thursday, 12/14.  Please send $ in an envelope that day, clearly marked with the child’s name and the amount of money contained.  There will be modestly priced items for children to purchase to give as gifts for family members.  Remind them — as I have! — that this is not their own personal shopping spree for toys / items for themselves.
  • We will have a “Grab Bag” in our class, and exchange a gift at our Christmas party on 12/22.  This is optional!  If you decide to participate, you should purchase a gift that someone of your own gender (boy or girl) would like ($10 limit on gift, please!)  Wrap the gift, and add a tag that states that it is from you (ie, “To: A girl From: Mary”).  Gifts may be brought to school any time, and we will exchange on 12/22.
  • Friday, 12/15 is an “out of uniform” day, provided a Christmas item (ugly sweater?) is worn.

Spelling – Write misspelled words from today’s pretest 5x each.  Due tomorrow.

Science – Chapter 6 corrections, due tomorrow (almost all have completed.)  Chapter 6 test will be WEDNESDAY.  Students already have STUDY SHEET to begin Studying!!  (Parents, I have VERY STRONGLY SUGGESTED that students use the study sheet only … it is basically an answer sheet for the actual test.  There is no need to have the book home.)

English – Finish classwork … Workbook, pp. 52 – 53, including Writing Application (done on loose leaf)

Math – Math (Numbers) project is due this Wednesday!  Students have had instructions for this for almost 2 weeks!!  

Spanish – Write current list in ABC order.


Wednesday, Dec. 6, 2017

  • Giving Tree gifts were due today.  Most brought them in.  If you forgot, you may bring the gift tomorrow.
  • Tomorrow is our turn at the Book Fair (located in the St. Michael’s Lane lobby.)  We will attend at 12:30 PM (our normal Library time).  If you would like to attend, parents, you are most welcome.    Please send Book Fair $ to school in an envelope, and I will hold on to it until we arrive at the fair.
  • Tomorrow is Gym (wear your gym uniform) and Band (bring your instrument!!)  
  • We will have a “Grab Bag” in our class, and exchange a gift at our Christmas party on 12/22.  This is optional!  If you decide to participate, you should purchase a gift that someone of your own gender (boy or girl) would like ($10 limit on gift, please!)  Wrap the gift, and add a tag that states that it is from you (ie, “To: A girl From: Mary”).  Gifts may be brought to school any time, and we will exchange on 12/22.
  • This Friday is a ONE SESSION DAY … Dismissal is at 12:15 PM.  Bring a snack; After Care IS available.
  • 3 students did not return their Weekly Sheets.  Please send in TOMORROW!!

English – Finish classwork: Workbook, pp. 48 – 49 (no Writing Application), and Writing Wrap Up on p. 109 in Textbook.

Social Studies – Finish definitions.

Math – Finish classwork: Text, p. R-10, Sections 4-3 and 4-4.  Also, there will be a Math PROJECT due next week.  Details have been given to students; I will post more tomorrow.

Reading – “Sarah Plain & Tall” definitions due, and also you should be working hard to finish reading the  book you’ve selected for your upcoming book report.


Monday, Dec. 4, 2017


Reminders:  Book Fair will be this week, starting tomorrow.  Our class will attend on THURSDAY, at 12:30.  Parents are welcome to attend.(IF STUDENTS WOULD LIKE TO BRING BOOK FAIR $ IN AN ENVELOPE, MARKED WITH NAME AND HOW MUCH $, I WILL HOLD UNTIL WE GO TO THE FAIR.)

This Friday is a ONE SESSION DAY — dismissal is at 12:15.  Please bring a snack, and note that After Care WILL be available on that day.

English – Finish Friday classwork (pp. 40 – 41 in workbook).  Also, today’s lesson, pp. 44-45 Workbook

Reading – Quiz on story & vocab for “The Lost Lake” (we reviewed in class), and also the packet for “The Lost Lake” is due. (MOST have completed)

Social Studies – Definitions are due by Thursday; Project is due by Wednesday.

Math – Workbook, p. 28, #1 – 15 (due tomorrow); also, all times tables due by Wednesday.

Spanish – Write the names of the colors, 3x each


Friday, Dec. 1, 2017

Students received FIRST TRIMESTER REPORT CARDS today.  Please sign the ENVELOPE ONLY, and return it on Monday.  (The hard copy of the report card is yours to keep, as well as any honor card the students may have earned.)

Next Friday, Dec. 8 is a ONE SESSION DAY.  After care WILL be available, and students should bring a snack.

The BOOK FAIR is next week … parents are invited to attend during your child’s visit, if you wish.  Our class will attend the Book Fair on Thursday, 12/1, at 12:30 PM.

Math – Workbook, p. 26, #1, 2, 3 & 6 (write the arrays in your notebook).


Thursday, Nov. 30, 2017

Reminders:  If we have 100% participation in the “All 4 Books” donations, we will receive an “out of uniform” day.  So far, 10 students have donated … we need 5 more for the OOU day.

Bring DeMan dollars back to school.

Next Friday, Dec. 8 is the Immaculate Conception, and there will be a one-session day.  Bring a snack; after care is available for those in need.

English – Finish classwork (most have) … pp. 38 – 39 in Workbook. Some forgot to complete Writing Application from last night … please bring tomorrow!

Vocabulary – Unit 4 quiz on twelve words.  Vocabulary book, pp. 40 – 42 due.

Spelling – pp. 46 – 48 in book and Menu assignment due;also, weekly test tomorrow.

Social Studies – Chapter test tomorrow

Math – Complete 6’s & 7’s multiplication facts (on cards)

Art – Please bring in your smock!


Tuesday, Nov. 28, 2017

4 students owe me a signed Weekly Sheet.  Please return TOMORROW!!

Parents: As you may have heard, my classroom rewards system includes students receiving “DeMan dollars” for good grades (and occasionally other reasons, too! :) ).  Some students have brought these wooden coins home … they aren’t to leave the classroom.  If your child has any “DeMan dollars” at home, please send them back to school. 

Science – Quiz on the Water Cycle tomorrow … students know that they will fill in 4 blank spots on a diagram of the Water Cycle.  Keywords: Evaporation, Condensation, Precipitation, Storage.

Math – Write your 4’s and 5’s time tables, on the index cards.

Social Studies – Finish classwork, p. 54 in Workbook.


Monday, Nov. 27, 2017

Reminders: Students received a Weekly Sheet today.  Please sign, and return tomorrow!

Many 4B students took gift tags from the Giving Tree today.  If you allow your child to take a tag, please inform him/her, and they will be allowed to take a tag on Tuesday.

Those who ordered CHRISTMAS WREATHS, the delivery date is this THURSDAY, NOV. 30!!

Spelling – Write misspelled words from Pretest 5x each (find list on p. 46)

English – Unit 2 Test tomorrow (nouns).  If you are choosing to study (we have done MUCH studying!), please review SINGULAR and PLURAL POSSESSIVE NOUNS!

Spanish – Worksheet, and test tomorrow.

Math – Write 2’s and 3’s times tables — IN CRAYON ONLY — on index cards.  Also, p. 24 in Workbook.

Social Studies – Mrs. Mendez assigned a project today, which is DUE ON WEDNESDAY, DEC. 6!!!!


Wednesday, Nov. 22, 2017

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!  Thanks to all for your Toys For Tots donations!  Thanks to those who provided treats!!

Art – Please remember to bring in an old shirt, or something to be used as an Art smock.  Art is on MONDAY!!

Spanish – Mrs. DellaValle left 2 worksheets that most finished on Tuesday.  They are due to her on Monday, 11/27.  Your next Spanish test is Tuesday, 11/28.

Math – Please bring in a package of 3×5 index cards, and a ziploc bag.

Tuesday, Nov. 21, 2017





Religion – Chapter 5 test is tomorrow.  Study your book in the parts we’ve highlighted!

Math – Students will need a package of 3×5 index cards and a ziploc bag by Monday.


Monday, Nov. 20, 2017


Students received three raffle tickets today for the “Cash for Christmas” raffle.  The cost of the three tickets is $25 (or $10 each, if sold separately.)  Please return all tickets ASAP, if you do not intend to sell / purchase them.

Wed., Nov. 22 is a ONE SESSION DAY.  Dismissal is at 12:15 PM, and there is NO AFTERCARE AVAILABLE on that day!!  A snack will not be needed, as volunteers will be sending in a snack.

Wednesday is ALSO an ‘Out of Uniform’ Day.  The cost is $1 (or more!), to be donated to Toys For Tots.  IF YOU REMEMBER TO COME TO SCHOOL OUT OF UNIFORM ON WEDNESDAY, YOU MUST REMEMBER YOUR DONATION!!!!!

Reading – Quiz tomorrow on the story & vocabulary, “A Little Excitement.” 

Science – Workbook, p. 53 (for those who did not finish it in class today or Friday)

Math – Most students will RE-TAKE the most recent Math test.  Please …. prepare … and TAKE YOUR TIME ON THE TEST PAPER!!!!!



Friday, Nov. 17, 2017


Wednesday, 11/22 is ALSO at “Out of Uniform Day”.  If you CHOOSE to come out of uniform on that day, the cost is $1, which will be donated to Toys For Tots.  IF YOU REMEMBER TO COME TO SCHOOL OUT OF UNIFORM, BE SURE TO REMEMBER YOUR DONATION!!

Snack will not be necessary on Nov. 22, as it will be provided by volunteer parents.

Art – Bring some sort of Art smock to school …. an old shirt belonging to a parent works well!

Spanish – Worksheet, due Monday

Reading – “A Little Excitement” packets are due on Monday.  3 students must complete.


Wednesday, Nov. 15, 2017

Reminder: Donations for CFC Thanksgiving baskets!!  Still need 2 more students!

Math – Test tomorrow.


Tuesday, Nov. 14, 2017

Reminders:  4 students still owe a donation for the Cranford Family Cares Thanksgiving baskets!  Canned gravy and boxed potatoes are needed most!

Reading Vocabulary – Study word list on pp. 28 – 29 of Vocabulary book.  Quiz tomorrow.

English – Finish classwork (most have done) Workbook, pp. 33 – 34 (no Writing Application).  (Absentees from Monday, please complete p. 31)

Math – Test Thursday.  Also, finish classwork, if you did not: Text p. 139, # 1 – 8

Social Studies – Finish timeline, if you have not.

Spanish – Worksheet, due next week


Monday, Nov. 13, 2017

Reminders:  PLEASE BRING IN DONATIONS FOR CRANFORD FAMILY CARE!!!  The Thanksgiving baskets NEED your help!! Thank you!!

Cyber Monday/Black Friday Scrip orders are due!

Reading – Vocabulary books … finish classwork; pp. 30 – 32 and pp. 34 – 35 (multiple choice questions on this page only)

Spelling – 5x each word missed on today’s pretest.  (Absentees, 3x each all list words on p. 42)

Spanish – Worksheet, due tomorrow

Math – Workbook, p.23


Thursday, Nov. 9, 2017

Reminders: Tomorrow is a ONE SESSION DAY!!  Dismissal is at 12:15; Aftercare IS available; please bring a snack!

3 students purchased a book (newest “Diary of a Wimpy Kid”) and now owe Mrs. Singer $9.  When they bring in the $, they will receive the book!

4th Grade Drama Club next meets on MONDAY, NOV. 13!

Please send in donations for the Thanksgiving baskets for Cranford Family Cares.  Donations are DUE next WED. NOV. 15!

Spelling – Book pp. 38 – 40 due! Test tomorrow!

Reading – Finish classwork (packet) (most have done)

Social Studies – Finish definitions (begun in class; many have done)


Wednesday, Nov. 8, 2017

Reminders: Please remember your donation for Cranford Family Cares!

3 Students forgot to bring in signed weekly sheets!  Please remember tomorrow!

Friday is a ONE SESSION DAY!!  Dismissal is at 12:15, and you should bring a snack!

Religion – Test on Chapter 4 tomorrow.  Study your highlighted portions of your book!

Math – Workbook, p. 22 (all)

Tuesday, Nov. 7, 2017


Students received a Weekly Sheet today.  Please sign & return TOMORROW!!

Please send in your donation for Cranford Family Cares!  I still have only 4 of 15 students who’ve donated!  Thanks for your generosity, as always!

This Friday is a ONE SESSION DAY.  Dismissal is at 12:15, and please bring a snack.

Social Studies – Test is tomorrow!!  Study!

English – Finish classwork … Workbook, pp. 27 & 28, and Writing Application on loose leaf paper.  Follow instructions on the bottom of p. 28.  All due tomorrow.

Spelling – One student still owes me repetitions from this week’s list.

Math – Text., p. 126, # 4 & 5, and draw a tree (as you were doing in class with Miss Collins.)


Monday, Nov. 6, 2017

Reminders: Please send in donations for Cranford Family Care Thanksgiving baskets.  4th Grade should bring in one or more of the following: flour, sugar, confectionary sugar, boxed potatoes, or CANNED gravy.

This Friday(11/10)  is a ONE SESSION DAY.  12:15 dismissal; bring a snack.  After care is available on that day.

Science – Chapter 18 Test tomorrow.  USE YOUR STUDY SHEET!!!

Social Studies – Chapter test on Wednesday.  Study your materials!

English – Finish classwork (MOST DID NOT!!!) pp. 25 & 26 in Workbook.

Spelling – (5x each will be done in class tomorrow, not for hw tonight) 2 students did not complete Menu assignments last week, and will therefore complete one for this week’s list.

Reading – Packet, pp. 1 and 9, if not already completed.  (Most have completed these pages.)

Math – p. 119, #3, 4, & 6

Spanish – Write first column of new words 3x each.


Friday, Nov. 3, 2017

Reminders: Donations for Cranford Family Care (flour, sugar, confectionary sugar, boxed potates, or CANNED gravy) may be brought in any time.


Social Studies – Sloppy Copy of your Legend is due on Monday.  Chapter test is WEDNESDAY!!  Study your chapter!!!  Find the highlights!!

Science – Students are in possession of the Study Sheet for Chapter 18.  TEST WILL BE TUESDAY!!  STUDY, STUDY, STUDY!!

Math – Workbook, p. 20, #1 – 5

Thursday, Nov. 2, 2017

Reminders:  2 students did not return Library books today.  Mrs. Singer would like them tomorrow.

Spelling – pp. 34 – 36, Menu assignment and weekly test all due tomorrow.

Math – Complete classwork, p. 111 text, All problems except #6 & #9

Social Studies – “Sloppy Copy” due on Monday.  Chapter Test has now been rescheduled to WEDNESDAY, 11/8.

Science – Chapter 18 Test will be TUESDAY, 11/7.  Students are now in possession of a comprehensive STUDY SHEET!!  Use this for your studying!


Wednesday, Nov. 1, 2017

Reminders: Tomorrow is Gym/Band/Library … wear and/or bring what you need!!!

Our Annual SMS Cranford Family Cares collection is now under way.  4th Graders are asked to contribute one or more of the following:  flour, sugar, confectionary sugar, boxed potatoes, CANNED gravy (no glass jars!!).  Items are due NO LATER than Wed. November 15.  Thank you for your generosity!

Social Studies – Finish classwork, p. 43 in workbook.  Also, your “Sloppy copy” of your Legend is due on Monday, 11/6.  (PARENTS: As the students had zero homework last night, and only this tonight, I offered a STRONG suggestion that they complete this assignment TONIGHT, so as to have a carefree weekend.  :) )


Monday, Oct. 30, 2017

Reminders:  Tomorrow is Halloween … wear your costume to school!  Halloween parade is at 10 AM.  Parents may come inside at the conclusion of the outdoor parade, to see the parade across the stage, but should be seated in the 2nd floor balcony.

4A & 4B will present the All Saints Day Mass at 8:30 AM on Wed. Nov. 1.  All are welcome.

Religion – Worksheet (“Message of Hope”) must be completed.

Reading – Quiz on “Kettle of Hawks” tomorrow.

Spelling – Write list words incorrectly spelled on pretest 5x each.

Math – p.18, #1 & 2

Social Studies – Workbook, p. 37

Spanish – Write the Ordinal numbers 3x each


Thursday, Oct. 26, 2017

Reminders: ONE SESSION DAY tomorrow … Dismissal is at 12:15.  Please bring a SNACK!!

Students received a Weekly Sheet today.  Please sign & return TOMORROW!!!

Students also received a note & permission slip, re: an essay and contest.  Please review, and return the permission slip if you wish.

TOMORROW is the last day for Scholastic Book orders.  Please send in if you wish to order.

Spelling – pp. 30 – 32 due tomorrow, and weekly test tomorrow.

Reading – Some students were to finish their classwork (packets on “Kettle of Hawks”).  Most finished.

English – Finish classwork (pp. 23 & 24 in English workbook)

Math – Workbook, p. 15 # 1 & 2, and p. 16 all.


Wednesday, Oct. 25, 2017

4A & 4B will present Mass on All Saint’s Day (Nov. 1) at 8:30 AM.  All are invited.  The children will sing a presentation of the Litany of the Saints during Mass.

Scholastic orders due no later than 10/27

Tomorrow is THURSDAY, Gym, Band, Library.  Bring what you need!

Tomorrow MAY be Part 2 of the 8th Grade Bake Sale.  Everything 50 cents.

Math – Text, p. 100, # 5 – 9

Social Studies –  Complete definitions (Finish classwork) due on Friday.

Science – To calculate what you would weigh on Pluto, use a calculator to compute the following:  Your weight x 0.08 = Your weight on Pluto.  (This is NOT an assignment, but many students wanted to know at the end of the day  :) )


Tuesday, Oct. 24, 2017

Reminders:  Students received Mid Trimester Progress reports last Friday.  I have received all signed slips of acknowledgement but ONE.  Please remit ASAP.

Students received Mixed Bag funraiser yesterday.  Return forms if you are not going to participate.

If you wish to order from Scholastic, please send in order (or order online with the code HKR47 at scholastic.com) by this Friday, 10/27.

This Friday, 10/27 will be a ONE SESSION DAY.  Dismissal is at 12:15, and students should bring a snack.   After Care WILL be available, for those who wish.

English – Finish classwork (pp. 21 – 22 in Workbook)

Social Studies – p.35 # 1 – 4

Religion – Chapter 3 Test tomorrow!! 

Tuesday, Oct. 17, 2017

Reminders:  NO SCHOOL TOMORROW!! (Teacher Workshop)

Thursday is BAND, GYM, and LIBRARY! (Bring your instrument [if you have one]), wear your Gym uniform, and remember to bring your library book.

I am missing one “Weekly Sheet” from yesterday’s distribution.  Please return on THURSDAY!

English – Finish classwork, Workbook, p. 19

Reading – Quiz on “Why Frog & Snake Don’t Play Together” (both story & vocabulary) will be on Thursday.  Review definitions.  We reviewed story in class.

Math – Chapter Test on Thursday

Spanish – Word Search (due on Monday).


Monday, Oct. 16, 2017

Thank you for sending in ALL Picture envelopes!!  :)

Reminders: Students received a “Weekly Sheet” today.  Please sign & return TOMORROW, if at all possible!


Science – Quiz on the order of the planets in the solar system tomorrow

Reading – Complete packet, if you have not yet done so.  (MOST have)

Spanish – Crossword puzzle, due tomorrow


Friday, Oct. 13, 2017

Reminders:  PICTURE DAY IS MONDAY!!!  I currently have only received 6 “Picture Pass”es or photo envelopes, which means that 9 students must bring theirs ON MONDAY!!!  Remember also, students are to wear REGULAR FALL UNIFORMS on Monday, as well.  All students will be photographed.

DRAMA CLUB for Grade 4 will begin on Monday.  We will dismiss at 3:45, from the Stop-Drop-Go door.  Those going to Aftercare will be sent directly there upon the conclusion of our meeting.  

Science – There will be a quiz on Tuesday, 11/17, on the order of the planets in the solar system.


Thursday, Oct. 12, 2017

Reminders:  Please return chocolate $ ASAP.  Some students still owe!

If you are sending in a Genevieve’s order, please send ASAP.

PICTURE DAY is Monday, Oct. 16!!!  Whether you are ordering with a check or ordering online, please send in the envelope or the “Picture Day Camera Pass”, printed from your online ordering.  Students MUST have this in by Monday!!!  All students will be photographed.

English – Unit 1 Test tomorrow.  Some students need to review Subjects (nouns) and Predicates (verbs)!!  

Spelling-  Weekly test tomorrow, and pp. 22 – 24 due

Science – Planet report is due TOMORROW!!  All but 4 of my students have handed theirs in.

Math – Workbook, p. 13, # 1 – 5


Wednesday, Oct. 11, 2017

Tomorrow is THURSDAY: Gym, Band & Library (bring / dress accordingly! :-)  )

English – Complete classwork (most have done) … p. 62 in textbook, “square” section.

Spelling – I am waiting to receive one Spelling book signed by a parent.  Also, pp. 22 – 24 due on Friday.

Science – Planet report due on Friday (10/13)   Yes, you MAY hand in early, if you wish.

Math – Workbook, p. 12

Social Studies – OPTIONAL : color flag on p. 19 Workbook.

Tuesday, Oct. 10, 2017

Reminders: Bake Sale tomorrow … all items 50 cents

Students received “Weekly Sheet” today; please sign & return TOMORROW.

Students received PICTURE DAY folder (with their NAME pre-printed on it).  Please return any time, as long as it is by Monday, in time for Picture Day!!

Spelling – Write each word 5x each, based on today’s pre-test. Due tomorrow. (Most finished in class.)

Science – Planet reports are due on Friday (10/13)

Altar Servers – Will meet with Mrs. Miragliotta during Religion tomorrow, for training.

Math – Text book, p. 69, # 1 – 13 on loose leaf

Social Studies – Workbook, p. 13


Friday, Oct. 6, 2017

Reminders: NO SCHOOL ON MONDAY! (Columbus Day)

Students received Genevieves order forms. (Fundraiser)  If you aren’t going to participate, please send the folder back to school on Tuesday.

Spanish – Write words (last part of list) 3x each.  

Religion – Chapter 2 test on TUESDAY.  Please study your highlighted sections in your book!


Thursday, Oct. 5, 2017

Reminders: No school on Monday, Oct. 9 

PICTURE DAY on Monday, Oct. 16

Theater Games (aka 4th Grade Drama) begins on Monday, Oct. 16 (after school, for those who’ve previously signed up.)

Spelling – pp. 18 – 20 due, and weekly test tomorrow.

Vocabulary – Quiz on Unit 1 (pp. 8 – 9 words/definitions)

Reading – Quiz on story & vocabulary for “Do Not Disturb.”  **

**Parents: It is my preference that students DO NOT take the Reading anthology books home.  Before any quiz, we will have a classroom discussion / review of the story, in preparation for the upcoming quiz.  If students would like, they may re-read the story in the time before school, instead of idly chit-chatting as is often the case.  It is my opinion that little may be gained by lugging home the Reading book, aside from stronger arm & back muscles.   I would love to hear feedback on this theory … and welcome your opinions!!!  :)


Wednesday, Oct. 4, 2017

Reminders:  Tomorrow is GYM (wear your Gym uniform!), LIBRARY (bring your library book to school), and BAND (bring your instrument, if you have one!!)

In Advance reminders: Monday, 10/9 is a holiday; no school!  Picture Day is coming: Oct. 16.

English – Finish classwork, pp. 13 – 14 in Workbook

Vocabulary – Quiz on Unit 1 on Friday

Spelling – Book, pp. 18 – 20 due on Friday

Spanish – Write the rest of list (from names of the days to the end of the list) 3x each

Math – Workbook, p. 10

Science – Finish classwork(**), workbook p. 165 (definitions are needed to complete … 1 or 2 still haven’t finished definitions)  

( ** – Some of my students zip through classwork at a high speed, and some need more time.  MOST OF THE TIME, when “finishing classwork” is assigned as homework, it applies to very few, and must be assigned in order that we are all completely ready to move on to the next lesson!!)


Tuesday, Oct. 3, 2017

Reminders: A few families still owe chocolate, or money for …

Three students neglected to bring back “Weekly Sheet” signed.  Please return on WEDNESDAY!

English – Finish classwork (Workbook, pp. 11 & 12)

Vocabulary – Students were assigned pages from Unit 1 last week, and worked several days towards completion.  About 65% of the class has finished; the book pages, pp. 8 – 12 are due TOMORROW.  (FYI, Some students had barely begun to complete as of today.  Not sure why?? :-(

Math – Workbook, p. 9

Social Studies – Workbook, p. 10


Friday, Sept. 29, 2017


No School on Monday, 10/2

Stop-Drop-Go is back in operation on Tuesday, 10/3.

Students received a Cumulative Progress Report (aka “Weekly Sheet”) on Friday.  Please sign & return on TUESDAY!!

Math – Two students are being given the opportunity to re-take the most recent Math test, and should be ready to do so upon arrival at school on Tuesday.


Thursday, Sept. 28, 2017


Tomorrow is a ONE-SESSION DAY!  Dismissal is at 12:15!  Please bring a snack.

Tomorrow is “Fun Friday at the Feast”, and is an OUT OF UNIFORM day.  There is no cost for the day.

We will attend 8:30 Mass tomorrow.

Spelling – pp. 14 – 16 are due.  Test tomorrow.

Reading – Packet, p. 41 ONLY (many completed in class)

Math – Worksheet & construction paper project, assigned by Miss Collins due to student(s) disrespect today.  :-(  This MUST be completed tonight.


Tuesday, Sept. 26, 2017

Still missing 2 Kidstuff books / $

Students received Chocolate fundraiser today; if you do no wish to participate, please return the box ASAP.  Money or chocolate due asap.

Reminder: Friday, 9/29 is a ONE SESSION DAY (12:15 Dismissal) and also an OUT OF UNIFORM day.

Box Tops will be collected on Friday.  Please send in what you have!

Science – Chapter Test on Thursday; students have study sheet!

Spanish – Write “months” (new list) 3 x each, due on Tuesday, Oct. 3

English – Brochure about your town and Workbook p. 9, due tomorrow

Monday, Sept. 25, 2017

So far, so good with the Feast Week Stop-Drop-Go.  Reminder: Drop off on Miln, last door on left.  Pick up on Alden.

Reminders:  Still missing $ or Kidstuff book from 3 students.  Please send in!!  The next fund raiser item will go home with students on TUESDAY!

I have currently received 8 permission slips for Fun Friday at the Feast.  NO STUDENT will attend the free rides session on Friday without a permission slip.  You need to print it at home (from an email sent last week), sign & return ASAP!!  Still missing SEVEN!!! :-(

The weather is predicted to be similar tomorrow and Wednesday; please, if possible, send your child with a water bottle.  I will certainly send students to the water fountain if absolutely necessary, but would like to cut down on multiple trips in the middle of lessons, if at all possible!
A few students must still cover books!!!  Several text books are without covers; if you don’t want the expense of a Book Sox, simply use a paper cover.  All soft covered books need covering as well.  ASAP!

Spelling – Write incorrectly spelled words (from today’s pretest) 5 x each.

Science – Make corrections on your Chapter (17) Review. (about 6 students already finished this).  CHAPTER 17  SCIENCE TEST WILL BE ON THURSDAY, 9/28.

Reading – Quiz on “Seal Journey”, story & vocabulary tomorrow.  Those who wish may re-read story upon arrival at school tomorrow; we’ve sufficiently reviewed both words and story points.

Math – Chapter 1 test tomorrow.

Spanish –  Word Search puzzle due, and test tomorrow.


Friday, Sept. 22, 2017


VERY IMPORTANT!! From Monday, 9/24 through Friday, 9/29, Morning STOP-DROP-GO will take place at the FAR DOOR on Miln St. (in between Church & School!)  Dismissal for Grade 4 will be from the FRONT SCHOOL DOOR on Alden St.!

Spanish – Crossword puzzle is due on MONDAY.  First test in Spanish this year will be on TUESDAY!

Wednesday, Sept. 20, 2017

Reminders: TONIGHT is Back to School Night, at 7 PM.  Please assemble in the auditorium.  Looking forward to meeting you!


Tomorrow is GYM (wear your gym uniform) and LIBRARY (please remember to bring your library book.)

Religion – Test on Chapter 1 tomorrow.  STUDY YOUR BOOK HIGHLIGHTING!

Reading – “Seal Journey” packet, p. 40 ONLY!!

English – Finish classwork (pp. 7 – 8)


Social Studies – Finish classwork (definitions)

Spanish – Crossword puzzle worksheet, due on Monday


Tuesday, Sept. 19, 2017


Tomorrow night is BACK TO SCHOOL NIGHT!!  I am hoping to see as many people as are available to attend!

Still missing some Kidstuff books and/or money.  Please remit, ASAP!

English – Finish Workbook, p. 5

Spelling – Write incorrectly spelled words (yesterday pre-test) 5x each. (due Wednesday).   Workbook, pp. 10 – 12, and MENU assignment, due on Friday.

Math – Finish classwork, if you did not (Text, p. 34, #7 – 15 odds);  Also, Workbook, p. 5

Reading – Finish definitions (if you did not copy all words into your notebook, the list of 8 words is on the first page of packet for “Seal Journey.”  Also, complete that page (p. 34).

Friday, Sept. 15, 2017

Link to video 4A & 4B saw today in Science:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JEKXCfB9fds&feature=related

(Relative size of planets & the Sun & other larger stars)

Reminders: Kidstuff books / $ due ASAP … Drama Club permission slip, if you are joining only … Scholastic Book order IF YOU WISH, due Tues. 9/19.

Social Studies – Finish classwork (p. 5 in Workbook)

Reading – Quiz on Vocabulary for “Mr. Nick is a Lunatic” will be on Monday

Thursday, Sept. 14, 2017

Reminders: Kidstuff book OR $25 should be returned to school ASAP

Drama Club permission slips may be returned any time … First meeting (for 4th graders) has been rescheduled to 10/16.  Please send in before that date, if you are interested.

Scholastic Book order will be processed on 9/19.  If you wish to order, please send in by then.

Spelling – Weekly test tomorrow; Book pp 6 – 8, and Menu assignment due tomorrow.

English – Sentence Worksheet (“Rowena”) due tomorrow

Reading – Quiz on “Mr. Nick is a Lunatic” (STORY ONLY … Vocabulary quiz will be on Monday.)

Math – Workbook, p. 3


Wednesday, Sept. 13, 2017

Remember to send in $25 for Kidstuff book, or the book itself.  As most well know, fundraisers are plentiful, and you simply need to return the book if you are opting out of this one.  Thanks! :)

English – Finish classwork (Workbook, p. 3)

Math – Workbook, p. 2 / Also, finish classwork if you did not today … text p. 22, #13 – 27 (odd numbered problems ONLY)

SS – Mrs. McCann has asked that any student who did not complete the alphabetized list of 21 NJ counties with a PROPER HEADING at the top of the page, please rewrite and INCLUDE proper heading!!

Spanish – Write next 10 words on the current list, 3 x each.  Due on MONDAY, 9/18.


Tuesday, Sept. 12, 2017

Students received KIDSTUFF books today.  All information needed in the sale is enclosed.  Please return the book OR the $25 ASAP!!

English – Workbook, pp. 1 – 2 (NO Writing Application)

Reading – Read Chapter 8 of “Mr. Nick is a Lunatic”.  PLEASE DO NOT READ BEYOND p. 86!!!!!

Math – Workbook, p. 1, # 1 – 8 ONLY

Social Studies – Put the names of all NJ Counties in alphabetical order (on loose leaf)

Spelling – FYI, students received a copy of their Spelling Menu (a list of assignments from which they will choose one each week).  Menu assignment and book pp. 6 – 8 are both due on Friday.


Monday, Sept. 11, 2017

Sincere apologies that BOOK SOX / BOOK COVERS were left off the supply list.  Students need to cover 5 hardcover books, and will need to do so ASAP.


Still waiting on the following

1 family discipline code (white)  & handbook form  (green)

4 Health screening permission forms (need “yes” or “no” answer!)

4. Terra Nova forms


Spelling – Write words 5x each (for each misspelled word on today’s pretest).  100% does not write repetitions. DUE TOMORROW   ( pp. 6 – 8, due Friday) 

 Spanish – Write first ten words on new list, 3x each.  Due TOMORROW!

Music – Students will need a pocket folder for weekly music class (FYI, I gave each child one on the first day of school, and I shall suggest that this may be the way to use it.)