Homework for Mrs. DeMan

You may contact me via email …. ldeman@smscranford.com

Please refer to this page nightly for 4A Homework.

THURSDAY, June 8, 2017

Several reminders: 

  • Students received (LAST!) Weekly Sheet today.  Please sign and return TOMORROW! (Also, still missing one from previous distribution)
  • Tomorrow is ONE SESSION DAY.  12:15 Dismissal!  Please bring a snack!
  • We will attend Mass at 8:30 AM tomorrow.  If, by any chance, you are running late, and arrive at school after 8:25, please direct your child into church.
  • An email was sent, re: next week’s school-wide festivities:  Monday: Crazy Hat and/or Sock Day (wear uniforms!); Tuesday: “Backwards Day” … you may dress OUT of uniform, and wear parts of your clothing inside out or backwards; Wednesday: Fund raiser Out of Uniform Day (pay $1 toward our Class Charity for the opportunity to dress down); Thursday: Last day of school; regular uniforms; Mass at 8:30 AM. 

WEDNESDAY, June 7 , 2017

Reminders:  Still missing ONE Weekly Sheet!!  Please return!!

One Session Days begin this Friday, June 9.  June 12 – 15 are all one session days, with a 12:15 Dismissal.  Please be prompt with pickup, if at all possible.  If you think you aren’t able to pick up, please send instructions to send your child to Aftercare.  THERE WILL BE NO AFTERCARE AVAILABLE ON JUNE 15 (LAST DAY OF SCHOOL.)

Next week, we will have several fun events: Monday, Crazy Hat and/or Sock Day, Tuesday, our class party AND ‘Opposite Day’, Wednesday an Out of Uniform Day for all ($1 cost), Thursday, last day of school, honors awards assembly, and Friday, the school wide pool party at Orange Avenue Pool.  (Parents / guardians must accompany all children in attendance.)

Spelling – pp. 142 – 144 due, and Last Spelling Test (!!)

English – Unit 7 Test (Adverbs & prepositions)


TUESDAY, June 6, 2017


Still missing 2 Weekly Sheets!  Please return ASAP!!

Friday this week is the 8th Graders Baccalaureate Mass at 8:30 AM, and there will be a 12:15 Dismissal.

Math – Chapter 11 Test tomorrow.  Students prepared cards today with formulas and key reminders to assist them with their test, which they will be able to use during the test.

Social Studies – SEVERAL must re-take the USA Map quiz.  PLEASE STUDY!!!!!!!!

MONDAY, June 5, 2017

Reminders:  Students received a Cumulative Progress Report on Friday; I am missing 4 … please return TOMORROW!!

This Friday will be a ONE SESSION DAY.  Please bring a snack.

Math – Please finish / make corrections on your Math Chapter Review … p. 479 #1 – 14 and p. 480, # 3 & 4.  (MOST finished.)

English – Please finish / make corrections on Test Practice, pp. 252 – 254 #1 – 20 (answers only in your tablet).  (MOST finished in class.)

Spelling – Write misspelled words 3x each – due tomorrow.  pp. 142 – 144 due and final test on Thursday.

Social Studies – Students will have a quiz on the State abbreviations.


THURSDAY, June 1, 2017


Last collection of BOX TOPS will be tomorrow (6/2).  If you have any, please remit!

Religion – Test on Chapter 18 tomorrow. (Study highlighted areas!)

Spelling – Weekly test (word list on p. 138), and pp. 138 – 140 due tomorrow.

Social Studies – Last 6 definitions on p. 209, and Chapter Review, #1 – 4

WEDNESDAY, May 31, 2017


Tomorrow is LIBRARY!! (Please remember to bring your book[s]!!)

THERE WILL BE NO BAND LESSONS TOMORROW. Mr. Franca has a concert in another school.

English – Finish classwork, pp. 123 & 124 in Workbook

Spelling – As this week was so short, there was no pre-test, but there WILL be a Final test on Friday.  Workbook, pp. 138 – 140, due on Friday. (No more Menu assignments this academic year.)

Spanish – Word search puzzle, due tomorrow


MONDAY, May 22, 2017


  • Three students still owe the Text Book form.  PLEASE RETURN ASAP!!  These were due last FRIDAY! :(
  • Drama Club has practice tomorrow EVENING at 6 PM.  4th Graders will be dismissed at roughly 8:15.
  • No school this week on FRIDAY, 5/26.  No school on Monday, 5/29 or Tuesday, 5/30.

Spelling – Write incorrect words from today’s pretest 5x each. (due tomorrow). Book, pp. 134 – 136, due on THURSDAY this week.

Social Studies – Students received a new WORKBOOK today (which will carry over to GRADE 5).  Please cover this workbook TODAY!  Thank you!

Reading – Vocabulary quiz on Unit 12 tomorrow.

Spanish – Write list words in ABC order.  (Also complete 3x each, if you have not yet done so.)


TUESDAY, May 16, 2017


  • Drama Club practice for all tomorrow!  
  • Spring Concert is this week, Thursday at 7 PM!!!

Reading – Quiz on the story, “Whales” tomorrow.

Spelling – Menu assignment and pp. 130 – 132 due on Friday.


MONDAY, May 15, 2017


  • Students (youngest/only) received notice of balance due for Fundraising Commitment today.
  • Please check your Lunch balance online; if the student has an outstanding balance, it must be paid before he/she orders hot lunch from the cafeteria.
  • Drama Club practice for ALL INVOLVED on Tues & Wed this week.
  • The Spring Concert is THIS THURSDAY EVENING, at 7 PM
  • Gym tomorrow

Spelling – Write words 5x each based on today’s pre-test (due tomorrow). Book, pp. 130 – 132 due on Friday

Social Studies – Complete Chapter Review on p. 137

Reading – Complete packet for story, “Whales”.  (Do NOT complete last page.)

Music – Students need to learn ALL lyrics for “Amazing Grace.”  (Other songs for their concert are fine, but most do not know the last 2 verses for “Amazing Grace”, and they are singing it on Thursday night! [!!!])


FRIDAY, May 12, 2017

No Homework this weekend.

Reminder: Drama Club 4th Graders have practice on Monday, Tuesday, & Wednesday of next week.

School Spring Concert is Thursday, 5/18 at 7 PM.


THURSDAY, May 11, 2017

Big group DOES NOT have Drama Club tomorrow, but WILL have practice Mon, Tues & Wed of next week.

Religion – Absentees will take the Chapter 12 Religion test upon return.

Spelling – Book pp. 126 – 128 due, and weekly test tomorrow.


TUESDAY, May 9, 2017



On Thursday (5/11) we will have:

  • Plant Sale
  • Band (be SURE to bring your instrument!  Concert soon!)
  • Library (bring your library book!)

Mrs. Miragliotta came around to the classes today, to inform all those who owe lunch money to the cafeteria (in our class there are 8.)  MOST of those who are in arrears are some of those who order hot lunch every day.   Mrs. Miragliotta told each child their amount owed, but if they don’t have the amount, please call the office on Thursday.  Please send in payment for lunch (or pay online).  NEW RULE: IF THE STUDENT OWES $ FOR LUNCH, HE/SHE WILL NOT BE SERVED HOT LUNCH.  

English – Complete classwork, pp. 117 – 118 in Workbook.

Spelling – Weekly pages: pp. 126 – 128 (due Friday)

Religion – Chapter 12 Test will be on Thursday. *** Any student who wishes extra credit, please take the review quiz on bemydisciples.com (click “Students”, then Chapter Review, Grade 4, Chapter 12), and emails me the results (ldeman@smscranford.com) will receive extra credit for this test.  (*** I forgot to add this to the blackboard list, therefore I will give the students ample opportunity to additionally study.)

Math – Worksheet, … MKG p. 28 only; All others p. 29 only

Social Studies – Finish pp. 126 & 128


FRIDAY, May 5, 2017

Thanks to ALL who joined us on the Class Trip!  It was quite a successful day.

Still missing one signed Weekly Sheet, and one signed 3rd Trimester progress report.  PLEASE return ASAP.

FYI, All those in Drama will have practice on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday next week.  We are dismissed at 4 PM.

Reminder: No school next WEDNESDAY, 5/10, due to a Professional Day.

Reading – Vocabulary Test on Monday.  Please study.

English – Workbook, pp. 111 – 112; also, on loose leaf paper, write a letter to someone living 100 years from now.  Include (and UNDERLINE) as many ADVERBS as possible.  (Many finished this assignment, as it was classwork on 5/3, and students had the opportunity to complete in class today.)


WEDNESDAY, May 3, 2017

TOMORROW IS OUR CLASS TRIP!!  (Refer to list of “Do”s and “Don’t”s)  PLEASE BE TO SCHOOL NO LATER THAN 7:25 AM!!!!!

Social Studies – Finish the definitions p. 171 (last 8 words)

Reading – Finish 117 in Vocabulary.  Vocabulary Test on Monday.

Spelling – pp. 114 – 116 due on Friday.  Test on Friday.

TUESDAY, May 2, 2017


Tomorrow is Drama Club for all involved.  If you haven’t received recent schedules (2!!!) from your child, please inquire about them.

Still missing Progress Report slips from 2 students.  Return ASAP!

Students received a WEEKLY SHEET today.  Please sign & return tomorrow!

Social Studies – Two students still need to draw the portrait of their ancestor for the Immigration Report.  Also … Define the first 7 words on p. 171 in text.  Due TOMORROW (both!)

Math – Worksheet … two different papers were given, based on groupings … if your sheet has TWO SIDES, do both.

Vocabulary – p. 116


FRIDAY, April 28, 2017

Students received the last practice & performance schedule for Annie Get Your Gun … Parents, please see if there is any way you might help (see reverse for list)

Students received mid-3rd Trimester Progress reports today.  Please sign & return bottom portion of cover sheet ON MONDAY!

Math – Some students need to finish p. 80 in Homework book (no #16) … Due on Monday!


THURSDAY, April 27, 2017

Bake Sale again tomorrow … everything 50 cents

Remember about next Thursday … Class Trip … BUS WILL LEAVE at 7:30 AM Sharp!!

Students received updated Play Practice schedule today.

Spelling – pp. 110 – 112 and Menu assignment due tomorrow.  Weekly test tomorrow.

English – 1 student must complete Test Practice on pp. 224 – 225

Spanish – Write list words in alpha order (due on Monday)

Reading – Quiz tomorrow on “City Green”


WEDNESDAY, April 26, 2017


It is NEVER TOO EARLY to keep reminding everyone that NEXT THURSDAY, MAY 4, the bus for our Class Trip to Trenton will LEAVE AT 7:30 AM SHARP!!  Report directly to the auditorium that day BEFORE then!!

Tomorrow (Thursday, 4/27) is:

  • Band
  • Library
  • Bake Sale at lunchtime; all items 50 cents

English – p. 110 in Workbook (most, but NOT ALL! finished in class.)

Spanish – Finish writing the rest of the list 3x each.

Social Studies – The Immigration project is due TOMORROW!

MONDAY, April 24, 2017

Welcome back!

Reminder: Permission slips & money are now due for our upcoming class trip.  I am currently missing money from 2 students, and permission slips & money from 2 other students.  Please remit ASAP.  Thanks!

Spelling – 5x each, based on Pretest results.  Due tomorrow.  pp. 110 – 112 & Menu due Friday.

Religion – Open book test TOMORROW for Chapter 11.  LOOK OVER THE HIGHLIGHTED PORTIONS so you will know where to find ANSWERS tomorrow.

Spanish – Finish writing current list words 3x each, due on Thursday.


WEDNESDAY, April 12, 2017




TUESDAY, April 11, 2017


  • Tomorrow is a ONE SESSION DAY.  Please bring a snack!  Dismissal is at 12:15, and there is NO AFTERCARE!  Please be prompt with pickup!!
  • Students received another Weekly Sheet on Friday (4/7). I am still missing 3 of them!!  Please return by tomorrow!!!!

Reading – BOOK REPORT was DUE TODAY!!  Some students did not hand it in.  :(  Please try to bring it tomorrow!

Social Studies – Your Immigration Report is DUE ON APRIL 27 (Thursday during the week we return from vacation!)  Do not put this off until the last minute!!

Spanish – Write words 3 x each, due on April 24.


MONDAY, April 10, 2017

Reminder:  Students received Weekly Sheet on FRIDAY, and I marked it DUE today!  Please return TOMORROW, if AT ALL POSSIBLE!!!  I am missing 6 of 16 … do not want to be chasing any of these after the Spring Break!

Tomorrow is an Out of Uniform Day, in support of Marist HS in Bayonne.  Please wear anything BLUE and/or GOLD (yellow), and if you do, bring in AT LEAST $1.  Every little bit will help!!

Wednesday is a one session day, with a 12:15 dismissal.  Please bring a snack.  A water bottle will be provided.  As it is Holy Week, one of the most solemn times of the year, we do not have a party.

Math – Chapter 10 Test tomorrow.  We have been reviewing for many days, and the students should perform very well on this test.

Reading – Book Report is due.

English – Finish classwork … pp. 106 and 107 (top portion only)


THURSDAY, April 6, 2017

Reminder:  Students received notice re: our class trip to Trenton, which will be on May 4.  Permission slip and money ($35) are due no later than April 24.

Next TUESDAY (4/11) is an Out of Uniform Day.  Wear blue and/or gold (yellow).

Next WEDNESDAY (4/12) is a ONE SESSION DAY (12:15 dismissal.)  Bring a snack … NO AFTERCARE AVAILABLE … please be prompt with pick up.

English – Workbook, pp. 104 & 105 (no Writing Application)

Spelling  – pp. 106 – 108  and Menu Assignment due tomorrow; weekly test tomorrow.

Social Studies – Workbook, p. 120

Reading – Vocabulary test tomorrow


WEDNESDAY, April 5, 2017

Tomorrow is: 

  • Library
  • Band
  • Drama Club practice

Still missing Weekly Sheet from 2 people.  This was distributed on Friday, 3/31!  PLEASE return ASAP.

Students received informational sheet about our class trip.  Please review & return asap.  THanks!

English – Workbook, pp. 102 – 103

Spanish – Test tomorrow.


MONDAY, April 3, 2017


Spelling – Write misspelled words 5x each, on reverse of pretest.  Due tomorrow. pp. 106 – 108 and Menu assignment due on Friday.

Spanish – Next Test is Thursday, April 6.

Math – Homework book, pp. 77 (top portion only) and 78 (all)

English – Quiz tomorrow on Subject & Object Pronouns.

Reading – Last packet is now overdue; if you still owe Mrs. McCann, complete for hw tonight.


THURSDAY, March 30, 2017


Bike Rodeo, April 4!!

Class trip … Trenton, NJ (State House, etc.) will be on May 4 … more info coming soon.

Warriors for Warriors: This is an ONGOING collection … you may bring in bottles of shampoo or conditioner ANY TIME, and place in the class collection box.  (other classes are bringing in different items.)  You may bring in as many as you wish!  Student government reps will come and clear out our collection box on a weekly basis, but please be as generous as your means allow!!

Science – Test tomorrow on Chapter 9.  USE YOUR STUDY SHEET!

English – Text, pp. 227 & 228 (triangle section), sentences in notebook.  Upcoming quiz (SOON!) on Subject and Object Pronouns!!

Spelling – pp. 102 – 104 & Menu assignment due tomorrow … also Weekly test tomorrow.

Social Studies – Workbook, pp. 113 – 114 (this assignment was begun in class.)

Reading – Vocabulary, p. 97 (write story on loose leaf), and read p. 98.


WEDNESDAY, March 29, 2017


  • When students are absent, they should return to school with an excuse note.  An email to ldeman@smscranford.com will suffice.
  • We have begun collecting items for the Warriors for Warriors project, and Operation Shoebox.  The 4th Graders have been assigned to bring in (new) bottles of shampoo and/or conditioner.  There will be a collection every Wednesday until May 17.
  • Tomorrow is the BOOK FAIR … students will attend during their Library period, and will not have regular Library class tomorrow. If you bring money, bring it in an envelope, clearly marked with your name!
  • Tomorrow is Band.  Bring your instrument & music.

Religion – Chapter 10 Test … look over the highlighted portions of your book!!

English – Workbook, pp. 98 – 99 (most finished this in class)

Math – Workbook, p. 75

Science – Test for Chapter 9 on FRIDAY.  Students have study sheets, and should be studying!

Social Studies – Workbook, p. 112


TUESDAY, March 28, 2017

Tomorrow night, some of our SMS students will participate in “Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?” at Orange Avenue School, beginning at 6 PM.  All are welcome to cheer on our students!

Our class will attend the Scholastic Book Fair during their regular Library time, on Thursday.  Parents are welcome to attend.

NEXT TUESDAY IS THE BIKE RODEO!!!  Do you have questions??  If at all possible, student should bring their bikes (plus helmets & locks) ON that day (April 4).  Please let me know if you can help!

Spelling – Menu assignment this week and pp. 102 – 104 due on Friday.

English – Finish classwork,  Workbook pp. 96 – 97 (no Writing Application)

Religion – Some students still must finish Chapter 10 flash cards … Chapter 10 test will be on Thursday.


Reading – Quiz tomorrow on “Teammates” (story)

Social Studies – p. 152 and Chapter Review, p. 153


MONDAY, March 27, 2017

(PLEASE NOTE:  Miss Cannon [Art Teacher] was absent today, and in lieu of an Art lesson during 9th period, the students were given the opportunity to complete whatever homework they’d been given today.)

Spelling – Write misspelled words 5x each, based on today’s pretest.  8 students received 100% on the pretest, FYI.  Also, pp. 102 – 104 are due on Friday.

English – Workbook, pp. 94 & the SIGNS ONLY on p. 95

Math – Workbook, p. 74 (#1 – 8 only)

Social Studies – pp. 108 & 109 in Workbook

Spanish – Crossword puzzle, due on Thursday.

THURSDAY, March 23, 2017

Reminder: Most students in Drama Club have practice tomorrow.  Ends at 3:45.

English – Test tomorrow. Text pp. 200 – 201 “Square” section, and p. 202, “triangle” section (Some students have finished this assignment).

Spelling – pp. 97 – 98 (book) and p. 99 (handout worksheet), all due tomorrow.  Weekly test tomorrow also.

Science – Workbook, p. 86A (Most finished this in class … only those in band need to complete.)

Reading – New packet, p 86

Social Studies – Workbook, p. 107


WEDNESDAY, March 22, 2017

Happy 84th Birthday today to Mrs. DeMan’s Dad!!  :)

Tomorrow is both Band and Library!!

English – There is a UNIT test (Capitalization & Punctuation) on Friday.  Students have been getting ready for this all week.

Math – Workbook, p. 71

Spanish – Worksheet given on Monday is due tomorrow.

Spelling – p. 99 (worksheet, given today) is due on Friday, along with pp. 97 – 98 in book.

Social Studies – Finish definitions

Reading – Finish definitions

TUESDAY, March 21, 2017

Reading – Vocabulary quiz tomorrow, and p. 95 in Vocabulary book also due

Social Studies – Complete definitions on p.139 (first 7 words)


MONDAY, March 20, 2017

Happy First Day of Spring!

Science – Most have brought it in, but a few students still need to bring in a shoebox for the seismograph project.

Math – For those who did not receive 100% on the time test, write incorrect problems 5 times each on back of test.  Retake tomorrow.

Social Studies – Test tomorrow.  Study!

Reading – Vocabulary quiz on Wednesday.

Spanish –  Worksheet, due on Thursday.

THURSDAY, March 16, 2017


Students received SECOND TRIMESTER REPORT CARDS today.  Please sign ENVELOPE ONLY and return tomorrow!

Tomorrow is ST. PATRICK’S DAY, and it is also an OUT OF UNIFORM DAY.  Please wear something GREEN!! A donation is necessary.

English – Workbook, p. 92 & WRITING APPLICATION ONLY from p. 93

Spelling – pp. 94 – 96 and Menu assignment due tomorrow.  Weekly test tomorrow.

Science – Volcano parts quiz …. study!!

Social Studies – Mystery Invention (instructions in notebook)

Spanish – Wordsearch worksheet (due on Monday)

WEDNESDAY, March 15, 2017

Reminders: Tomorrow is Band (bring your instrument, if you are in band)

Tomorrow is Library (bring your library book)

Science – Some students still need to bring in a shoebox.  The activity is fast approaching!!  Bring it in TOMORROW!

Spelling – pp. 94 – 96 & Menu assignment due on Friday.

Spanish – Current list, 3 x each (due tomorrow)

Math – Worksheet, p. 42

Reading – Students did not get to see Mrs. McCann today, so the Reading quiz will be tomorrow, on “Felita”.  Be sure the packet (except p. 82) is done.


MONDAY, March 13, 2017

As you’ve learned by now, classes are cancelled tomorrow (March 14) due to the incoming snowstorm.  You will be notified about Wednesday if there is a cancellation, otherwise we will hope to see students on Wednesday!

Spelling – pp. 94 – 96 (due on Friday).  Menu assignment, also due Friday.  5x each from pretest, due the next day you are in school. :)

English – Workbook, pp. 90 – 91 (NO Writing application).  Remember when you are writing the conversation between Boris and Bertha, to include a quotation in each sentence, and properly punctuate!

Reading – Complete packet on the current story (“Felita”) Do NOT complete p. 82.  Mrs. McCann suggests that students re-read story, as she will give a quiz on the story the next day that we are in school.

Social Studies – Finish your definitions.  Also complete p. 99 in Workbook.

Spanish – Write all of new list 3x each.  Due on Thursday.


THURSDAY, March 9, 2017

Several reminders:

  • Students received a weekly sheet today.  Please sign & return TOMORROW.  (FYI, March 3 marked the end of the 2nd Trimester … all work in the current packet counts for the the 2nd Trimester.
  • Terra Nova testing week is, effectively, done for another year.  (One exception being students who were absent earlier in the week, and who must finish tomorrow.)  I feel as though the testing went well … I will be looking forward to seeing the scores in a few weeks.
  • Please send in the FORM or A NOTE stating whether or not your child (or children) will join in marching for the St. Patrick’s Day parade on Saturday.  If possible, we’d like to know how many to expect!
  • Track sign ups are now happening.  A flyer MIGHT be sent home; it is currently available through the school website.  If you have no access to a printer, simply write a note.
  • The Daddy-Daughter dance will take place THIS Saturday!!  Tickets have been distributed to those who’ve sent in purchase requests.  If your child doesn’t yet have tickets, send a note!
  • Tomorrow is a ONE-SESSION DAY, with a 12:15 dismissal.  Please bring a snack!

FRIDAY, March 3


  • Students received a WEEKLY SHEET today.  Please sign & return on Monday.
  • Terra Nova Testing begins on Monday.  Please be sure to be WELL RESTED & have a GOOD BREAKFAST.
  • Bring 2 – 3 #TWO PENCILS next week.  Be sure they are sharpened!!!
  • Many of my students have PRACTICE for “Annie Get Your Gun” on MONDAY!  Practice will take place in the auditorium, and conclude at 3:45 PM.  Pick up should be at the Stop-Drop-Go door.  Students not picked up at that time will be sent to After Care.
  • Bring a HEALTHY SNACK each day during Terra Nova testing!!! Some students rarely bring a snack on half days, and depend upon other to share.  Please try and provide your child with something to sustain him/her through the testing!! :)



Bike Rodeo (** see below)

Tomorrow is both BAND (bring your instrument!) and Library (Bring your book!!)

Religion – Chapter 9 test tomorrow … study highlighted sections in your text book!

English – Finish classwork (most did) pp. 86 – 87 in Workbook

Spanish – Test tomorrow

(** BIKE RODEO — Each year, the Cranford Police Dept. comes to our school, and sets up a wonderful bicycle safety program, with a series of obstacle courses, all geared to 4th Graders.  The 4th Graders are the ONLY participants.  The date of this year’s Bike Rodeo will be Tuesday, April 4.  We ask that, if your child is able to ride a bike, to please bring the bike on that day.  There is a bike rack outside in the playground, upon which your child could store & lock the bike.  STUDENTS MUST BRING BIKES, HELMETS, AND LOCKS ON THAT DAY.  The students have been filled with questions about this … most common is, “What if you don’t own a bike?”  I don’t know how possible it would be, but I’ve suggested borrowing a bike from a relative, friend or neighbor.  If you have any questions about the Bike Rodeo, please do not hesitate to send a note.)

TUESDAY, Feb. 28, 2017

Tomorrow is ASH WEDNESDAY … we will be going to 8:30 AM Mass, so please try very hard to be ON TIME to school tomorrow!

Math – p. 565 #2 – 8 (no #5)

Religion – Chapter 9 test on Thursday (books have been highlighted.)

Social Studies – Test tomorrow


MONDAY, Feb. 27, 2017

Reminder:  Students received “Weekly Sheet” on Friday; still missing 3 signed.  Please bring tomorrow!

Tomorrow is GYM.

Spelling – Write incorrectly spelled words (from today’s Pre test) 5x each. (due tomorrow)  Book (pp. 90 – 92) and MENU ASSIGNMENT due on Friday.

English – I am missing some workbook pages from some students.  Please locate / finish pages (students were told today who owes me what), and return ASAP.

Math – Worksheet 13 – 6, #20 – 22

S0cial Studies – The UNION COUNTY POSTER assignment was due TODAY!!  2 students did not complete.  Please bring in TOMORROW!!

Reading – Finish classwork (definitions) for new story.

THURSDAY, Feb. 23, 2017

Spelling – pp. 86 – 88 due tomorrow.  Weekly test tomorrow.

English – Workbook, pp. 82 – 83, INCLUDING “Writing Application” (written on loose leaf paper with a proper heading)

Math – Worksheet (p. 33 “Reteach Mixed Numbers”), # 7 – 10 only.  (Please show your work … and please TRY different strategies.

Science – Workbook, p. 84A

Social Studies – Finish ‘open book’ test, if you did not do so in class.


WEDNESDAY, Feb. 22, 2017


Tomorrow is BAND DAY!

(Mrs. Singer will be out tomorrow, so Library is postponed until next week)

I will hold the Scholastic book order one more day, if anyone wishes to order, please bring in orders TOMORROW.

Tomorrow is PLAY PRACTICE for all those who will be in “Annie Get Your Gun”.  FYI, practice is over at 3:45, and students will be dismissed at the Stop Drop & Go door.  Students who are not picked up then will be sent to Aftercare.

English – Finish classwork: pp. 80 – 81 in Workbook.

Spelling – pp. 86 – 88, due Friday.

Social Studies – finish “Government Glossary”

Reading – Quiz on “Justin & the Best Biscuits” story tomorrow

Spanish – (from last Thursday) Write last set of words on current list 3x each.


TUESDAY, Feb. 21, 2017

Reminder: ALL STUDENTS in 4A who checked out a “Wimpy Kid” book last week, please bring them BACK to school TOMORROW!!

Outstanding assignments (some students did NOT hand either or both of these assignments in today:)

Math – On a piece of loose leaf, write a description of ONE THING that you see / do / experience involving fractions.  (Example: If you follow a recipe to make something, were there any fractions in your ingredients?  1/2 cup of anything??) Due Tuesday (2/21).

Social Studies – (was due today … only 4 students handed in!!!!  :( ) Bring in a picture (either your own or from the internet, or other medium) of each branch of government.  DUE TOMORROW (and will be LATE!!)

Today’s homework:

Spelling – pp. 86 – 88 (due Friday), and 5x each, based on today’s pretest (due tomorrow)

English – Finish classwork (pp. 78 – 79) due tomorrow (no Writing application)

Science – Finish Chapter 9 definitions (this was classwork; many finished)

Social Studies – 3 pictures!! (see above)

Reading – Finish current packet (do NOT complete p. 75)



FRIDAY, Feb. 17, 2017


Students received two Scholastic book order forms.  Orders, if you wish, are due on Wed. 2/22

Math – On a piece of loose leaf, write a description of ONE THING that you see / do / experience involving fractions.  (Example: If you follow a recipe to make something, were there any fractions in your ingredients?  1/2 cup of anything??) Due Tuesday.

Social Studies – Chapter Review, p. 123 in text book, #1 – 4 only (answers in notebooks.)


THURSDAY, Feb. 16, 2017

English – Some students did not complete HW on a previous night.  Workbook p. 72.

Spelling – pp. 82 – 84, Menu assignment, and weekly test tomorrow.

Science – Chapter 8 test tomorrow … USE YOUR STUDY SHEET!!!!

Social Studies – p. 83 Workbook

Spanish – Write last set of ten words x 3 (due next week on Thursday)


WEDNESDAY, February 8, 2017

As of this moment, school is still scheduled for tomorrow, Thursday, February 9.

Reminder: Thursday is both Band and Library day.

Spelling – pp. 78 – 80, and menu assignment due on Friday.  Weekly test on Friday.

English – Unit 4 test (Adjectives) tomorrow (we’ve been reviewing and test practicing for several days now.)

Math – Homework book, pp. 97 & 98.  Due tomorrow.

Social Studies – Finish definitions


MONDAY, February 6, 2017

Spelling – Write words 5x each misspelled word from today’s pretest.  (Due tomorrow.)   pp. 78 – 80 due on Friday.  There IS  a Menu assignment this week.

Social Studies – Chapter Test tomorrow

Reading – Quiz on “Mom’s Best Friend” tomorrow


THURSDAY, February 2, 2017


Tomorrow is a 12:15 Dismissal!!!  Aftercare is available.  BRING A SNACK!!! (Only bring lunch if you are planning to attend Aftercare.)

Tomorrow is our last day of Catholic Schools Week, and we will close it out with our annual Retreat Day.  There will be NO academic subjects; just a complete immersion in all things having to do with Religion.  Our theme this year is KINDNESS.

IMPORTANT:  Our retreat day will include an activity in the GYM.  Please bring or wear SNEAKERS!!!  You may wear your Gym uniform OR your regular Winter uniform.

Reading – Packet, pp. 65, 66 & 67

Spanish – Worksheet, and test both due Monday.

Social Studies – Makeup / re-take on the 21 NJ Counties quiz will be on Monday.  Chapter test will be on Tuesday.



WEDNESDAY, February 1, 2017


Tomorrow is both Band and Library … bring your instruments and your library books!

Two students still owe a signed Multiplication facts time test!

One student STILL owes a Weekly Sheet from ONE WEEK AGO!!!  :(

Spelling – pp. 73 – 74, and handout due; multiple choice quiz is TOMORROW.

Reading – Packet, pp. 63 – 64 

Social Studies – Complete crossword puzzle on p. 80 of Workbooks


MONDAY, January 30, 2017


Still waiting for 1 signed Weekly Sheet (from last Wednesday) and 4 signed Math time tests.

Contrary to what I’ve been reminding the boys and girls, TOMORROW (TUESDAY, 1/31) IS THE OUT OF UNIFORM DAY!!!!!  REMEMBER THE RULE: REMEMBER TO COME OUT OF UNIFORM = REMEMBER TO BRING YOUR DONATION (of $1 or more!)

Math – Homework book, pp. 26 & 27 (quiz tomorrow on Multiplication & Division facts up to 5’s)

English – Workbook, pp. 69 – 70, plus design of new car on separate sheet.


FRIDAY, January 27, 2017


Seven students owe the signed Math time test.  It will not be graded until 100% is achieved, but PLEASE return it signed ASAP.

One student did not have the Spelling book today.  Please bring it on MONDAY!

I am still waiting for one Weekly Sheet from the distribution on Wednesday.  Please bring it on Monday!

Reading – Vocabulary book, pp. 84 – 85

THURSDAY, January 26, 2017

Math – Parents, we are trying to improve / get faster with our multiplication facts.  Each child’s goal is to complete a time test (5 minutes) with 100%.  I am not grading the time tests UNTIL each child has achieved 100%, regardless how many times it may take.  Some are very close … some have a ways to go.  I have sent the most recent time test home for signature, so that you may be aware of the progress.  Please assist with this important memorization in any way possible … flash cards, etc.  Return signed time test tomorrow.

Spelling – Book, pp. 70 – 72, also Menu assignment due, and weekly test tomorrow.

Social Studies – Finish Chapter Review

Spanish – Worksheet, due on Monday


WEDNESDAY, January 25, 2017


Today students received a Weekly Sheet.  Please return (signed) tomorrow!

Tomorrow is Band.

Tomorrow is Library.

English – Finish classwork … pp. 67 – 68, including the portion on p. 68 to be done on a separate sheet of paper (NOT the Writing Application). Be sure to use adjectives with “more” or “most” in your descriptions.

Social Studies – Chapter Review, up to #4


TUESDAY, January 24, 2017


3 students still owe the Mid-Progress report signed slip.  PLEASE return tomorrow!!

FYI, tomorrow (Wed. 1/25) is the date when I am offering to show the movie of “Annie Get Your Gun” (our Spring school play) to any of those interested.  I will dismiss the boys & girls by 4 PM, to the Stop/Drop/Go door.  This is COMPLETELY OPTIONAL, and mainly for the benefit of those in Drama Club who would like to know more about the story.

Math – Finish classwork (p. 42 in Homework book)

English – Finish classwork (pp. 65 – 66 in Workbook, INCLUDING the Writing Application, done on loose leaf.

Social Studies – Study the map of NJ counties (p. 65 in text book)

Reading – Quiz on “Kettle of Hawks” story tomorrow


MONDAY, January 23, 2017

Six students owe the cover sheet from the Mid Trimester progress report,distributed on Friday (absentees received it today.)   Please review, and return cover sheet TOMORROW.  Indicate if a conference is needed,and with whom.

Religion – Chapter 7 test tomorrow

Spelling – Write words misspelled on today’s pretest, 5 x each

Math – Finish classwork, if not done. (Mrs. DeMan marked worksheet p. 19 for specifics)

Reading – Finish current packet, EXCEPT for the last 2 pages.


FRIDAY, January 20, 2017

Students received Mid Trimester progress reports for the 2nd Trimester today.  Please review, and return the bottom portion of the cover sheet, with an indication if you would or would not like a conference at this time.

English – Due to illnesses, etc., some students owe me Workbook pages.  The following pages are overdue:  pp. 59, 61, and 62.  Also, on loose leaf, a description of your favorite food, using as many adjectives as possible.

Spanish – Assignment posted last night is due on Monday.

THURSDAY, January 19, 2017

Reminder:  Tonight is the Winter Drama Presentation!!  Theater Games 4th Graders will give a presentation of their Fall session, in addition to the upper grades Drama Club premiering their one act plays.  The festivities begin at 7 PM, and all are welcome.  (Drama Club members should arrive no later than 6:45.)

Spelling – pp. 66 – 68 due, and weekly test tomorrow.

Science – Chapter 7 test is tomorrow.  Use your study sheet to study!

Spanish – Last portion of current list, 3x each; also, worksheet.  All due on Monday.


WEDNESDAY, Jan. 18, 2017

Reminders:  Tomorrow is both BAND and LIBRARY!!

Religion – Quiz tomorrow on Liturgical Calendar.  Use study sheet and/or p. 333 in Religion book.

Science – Chapter 7 test will be on Friday.  Students HAVE the study sheets now!

Math – Complete classwork, textbook, p. 243, #2 – 6

English – Complete classwork, Workbook, p. 63


TUESDAY, Jan. 17, 2017

Spelling – Write words 5x each misspelled on the pretest.  Absentees should write all words on p. 66, 3x each.  Due on Wed.    Pages (66 – 68) due on Friday.

English – Finish classwork: Workbook, p. 59 & 61. (We will complete p. 62 in class on Wednesday.

Math – Workbook, p. 41, #1 – 10 ONLY.

Science – Finish classwork: Text pp. 230 – 231, #1 – 11 AND #15 – 18, answers only in your tablet.  (MOST HAVE FINISHED; some must finish making corrections, and some must finish the first time around.)

Social Studies – Write a journal entry, as if you were a soldier or officer in the Revolutionary War.  It must be written twice: once in your notebook, and once on loose leaf to hand in to Mrs. McCann.  (Most have this partially completed.)

Reading – Two students  (they know who they are) owe Mrs. McCann the “Frog & Snake” story packet.  Complete ASAP!!


WEDNESDAY, Jan. 11, 2017


Today students received weekly sheet.  PLEASE, sign & return TOMORROW!!

Tomorrow BAND.  Those in Band, please bring instruments & materials.

Tomorrow is LIBRARY.  Bring your library books.

Social Studies – Finish defining words on p. 89. (Some finished in class)

Reading – Complete p. 75 in Vocabulary books.

Spanish – (assigned on Monday, and due tomorrow) Write first 16 words, 3x each.


TUESDAY, Jan. 10, 2017

Drama Club members have a VERY IMPORTANT FORM in their backpacks: Please check!!  Thanks! :)

English – Worksheet (both sides); also, Unit 3 Test (on VERBS) tomorrow

Social Studies – p. 88 in textbook, “People to Know”, identify each person on the list in your notebook.


MONDAY, Jan. 9, 2017


If you would like to order from the most recent Scholastic Book order form(s), please do so by tomorrow.  

Tomorrow is Tuesday, and the Title 1 (aka Mrs. Korman) group will meet after school as always.

Spelling – Write incorrectly spelled words 5x each, based on pretest results. (List on p. 62.)  Due tomorrow.

English – In prep for upcoming unit test, students have spent the last few days working on a lengthy assignment.  Some have finished; those who have not, textbook, pp. 125 – 131 (ALL PAGES), complete “triangle” section by TOMORROW!!

Reading – Vocabulary test tomorrow; also, complete p.67

Spanish – Write first 16 words, 3x each.


FRIDAY, Jan. 6, 2017


Students received a list of charities from which we will vote as a class.  Please review with your child, so that he/she will make an informed vote.

Spelling – 7 students did not have / complete the Christmas word list papers.  Please hand in on Monday!  (Last chance!)

Social Studies – Chapter Test on Monday!  Study!!!

Spanish – Write first part of list 3x each


THURSDAY, Jan. 5, 2017

Reminders:  Students received a Scholastic Book order form today.  Orders are due by Tuesday, Jan. 10.  FYI, I have “Birthday Free Book” coupons for each child, which I will give them now, if they wish to order.  The coupons are worth “one free book, up to a value of $5″ (or $5 off any book.)  Have your child request a coupon if you so desire.  (No other purchase is necessary!)

Spelling – Weekly test tomorrow, and also pp. 58 – 60 are due.

Math – Workbook, p. 22

Reading – Quiz on “Frog & Snake”, also, complete p. 51 in packet

Spanish – Write first part of new words, due on Monday.


WEDNESDAY, Jan. 4, 2017

Reminders: Library time AND Band are both tomorrow!!!  Bring your book and your instruments (if you have one.)

Religion – Test tomorrow on Chapter 6

Math – Workbook, p. 21

Reading – Packet, p. 49

Social Studies – Complete Chapter review

Spanish – Test tomorrow


TUESDAY, Jan. 3, 2017

Welcome back to school, and Happy New Year!

Spelling – Write words 5x each for each misspelled on today’s pretest. (For those who miss the pre-test, write all list words on p. 58, 3x each.)  Due tomorrow.  Also, pp. 58 – 60, due on Friday.  (NO MENU ASSIGNMENT THIS WEEK.)

Reading – Packet p. 47 (you will need your definitions to complete); also, BOOK REPORT IS DUE TOMORROW!! (Some finished during class.)

Social Studies – Workbook, p. 65


THURSDAY, Dec. 22, 2016

This Friday, Dec. 23, is our final day of school before Christmas vacation, and it will be a ONE SESSION DAY, with a 12:15 dismissal.  You need not bring a snack that day.  It is an out of uniform day, IF YOU WISH, and the cost is $1 or more (all $ will go to our class charity).  THERE IS NO AFTERCARE AVAILABLE THIS DAY, SO PLEASE BE PROMPT WITH PICK UP!!  THANK YOU!!

We will have a CHRISTMAS GRAB BAG, for those who wish to participate, at our Christmas party on 12/23.  IF YOU WISH TO PARTICIPATE, you should wrap a gift for someone OF YOUR OWN GENDER.  You should mark that it is from you, and for “Any Boy/Girl”.  The tag might say “To: Any Girl, From: Mary” or “To: Any Boy, From John.”  Those who bring in a gift will come home with a gift, and those who do not wish to participate will not. LIMIT FOR GRAB BAG = $10. Gifts may be brought to school at any time, and will be placed under the tree until Dec. 23.  (As of Thursday, I  have eleven Grab Bag gifts under our classroom tree … please send something in if you would like your child to participate!!)

Students received a Weekly Sheet yesterday. I am missing 4 signed cover sheets.  PLEASE!!!, send back the signed cover sheet TOMORROW!!!! — I do not want to be chasing after these sheets in January! Thanks!

Spelling – All assignments from the week: 5x each based on pre-test, “fill in the blanks”, Word Search, and “Storytime” using at least 10 of the Christmas themed words, are due tomorrow.  “Quick Quiz” on this list is also tomorrow.


WEDNESDAY, Dec. 21, 2016




Math – Workbook, p. 20

Reading – Students have been assigned a book report, which will be due on Wednesday, January 4.


TUESDAY, Dec. 20, 2016


This Friday, Dec. 23 is our final day of school before Christmas vacation, and it will be a ONE SESSION DAY, with a 12:15 dismissal.  You need not bring a snack that day.  It is an out of uniform day, IF YOU WISH, and the cost is $1 or more (all $ will go to our class charity).  THERE IS NO AFTERCARE AVAILABLE THIS DAY, SO PLEASE BE PROMPT WITH PICK UP!!  THANK YOU!!

We will have a CHRISTMAS GRAB BAG, for those who wish to participate, at our Christmas party on 12/23.  IF YOU WISH TO PARTICIPATE, you should wrap a gift for someone OF YOUR OWN GENDER.  You should mark that it is from you, and for “Any Boy/Girl”.  The tag might say “To: Any Girl, From: Mary” or “To: Any Boy, From John.”  Those who bring in a gift will come home with a gift, and those who do not wish to participate will not. LIMIT FOR GRAB BAG = $10. Gifts may be brought to school at any time, and will be placed under the tree until Dec. 23.  (I currently have six Grab Bag gifts under our classroom tree … please send something in if you would like your child to participate!!)

Spelling – Students received a list of Christmas themed words this week (no book work).  The “Fill in the Blanks” (same page as the word list), 5x each from the pretest on Monday, a word search puzzle, and a Christmas story (using 10 or more of the 20 words) are all due on Friday.

English – Finish classwork (most did) Workbook, pp. 56 – 57

Social Studies – 13 Colonies quiz is TOMORROW (really!)

Reading – Finish classwork, p. 63 in Vocabulary book


MONDAY, Dec. 19, 2016


Today (all day!) is the Barnes & Noble fundraiser: Mention SMS at B &N in Clark, NJ (corner of Raritan and Central), and a portion of your purchase will go back to our school! Our Carolers group will be singing between 6:30 & 7:30 PM tonight (singers: please arrive by 6!)

This Friday, Dec. 23 is our final day of school before Christmas vacation, and it will be a ONE SESSION DAY, with a 12:15 dismissal.  You need not bring a snack that day.  It is an out of uniform day, IF YOU WISH, and the cost is $1 or more (all $ will go to our class charity).  THERE IS NO AFTERCARE AVAILABLE THIS DAY, SO PLEASE BE PROMPT WITH PICK UP!!  THANK YOU!!

English – Workbook, p. 55 (finish — most have)

Science – Chapter 6 Test tomorrow — use STUDY SHEET!!


THURSDAY, Dec. 15, 2016

Reminders: Tonight is the Christmas concert at school.  Concert begins at 7 PM, but BAND MEMBERS MUST REPORT TO MR. FRANCA AT 6:15 PM SHARP!, and all others report to Cafeteria at 6:40.

Students received a Weekly Sheet yesterday; I am missing 2 not yet signed.  Please return TOMORROW (or better yet, TONIGHT! :) )

Spelling – pp. 54 – 56  & Menu assignment due; also weekly test tomorrow.

Social Studies – Quiz on 13 Colonies tomorrow

Science – Those who were out with Mrs. Korman during 9th period today should copy test Study Sheet from a partner.

Vocabulary – p. 60


WEDNESDAY, Dec. 14, 2016


Students received a Weekly Sheet today.  Please sign & return TOMORROW, if at all possible.

Tomorrow is BAND DAY!!  Please bring your instruments!

Tomorrow evening is our Christmas Concert!  Students have been informed about what to wear, but to reiterate:  Something festive, but NO HEAVY SWEATERS!! (it will be warm in the auditorium, and heavy sweaters may make the children overheated.)  Students should report to the cafeteria at 6:40; Concert begins at 7.

Science – Finish Chapter Review pp. 204 – 205, #1 – 12 AND #15 – 18 (answers in notebooks).

English – Workbook, pp. 52 – 53, including writing application at the bottom of p. 53 (complete on loose leaf.)

Math – Finish Mid Chapter Check (p. 111, #1 – 8), and worksheet (p. 31)  If you wish, p. 32 is for extra credit.

Spanish – Crossword puzzle is due tomorrow.


TUESDAY, Dec. 13, 2016

Reminder: Concert is Thursday night.

Math – Worksheet

Reading – Quiz on “Do Not Disturb” (study packet)

Religion – Chapter 5 test tomorrow … study highlighted portions of chapter.

Social Studies – finish coloring ship

MONDAY, Dec. 12, 2016


4TH GRADE DRAMA CLUB (THEATER GAMES) has been RESCHEDULED for TOMORROW after school.  We will dismiss at 3:45, from the Stop/Drop/Go door.

Our school Christmas concert is this Thursday night, beginning at 7 PM.

Spelling – Write misspelled words from the pretest 3x each.

English – Workbook, pp. 50 – 51 

Religion – Finish p. 74, and the “Have Faith” worksheet


THURSDAY, Dec. 8, 2016

Tomorrow is a ONE SESSION DAY.  Dismissal is at 12:15!!!!!  Please be prompt with pickup.  Bring a snack!

Students received First Trimester Report Cards yesterday … please return the signed ENVELOPE.  (You should keep the envelope contents.)  I am missing 5  envelopes today.

Those who participate in THEATER GAMES … tomorrow’s session has been RESCHEDULED to TUESDAY, Dec. 13!

Spelling – Review Week test tomorrow, and pp. 49 – 50 (and p. 51 worksheet) due tomorrow.

English – pp. 48 & 49 in Workbook.

Math – Worksheet (p. 26 only …. you MAY complete p. 27 for extra credit, if you wish)

Social Studies – Finish definitions of vocabulary words in current chapter.

Spanish – Write last 8 words, 3 x each, AND write the “indefinites” on your worksheet.  Due on Monday.


WEDNESDAY, Dec. 7, 2016

Reminders: Students received FIRST TRIMESTER REPORT CARDS TODAY.  Please, sign the envelope and return to school TOMORROW.  (You may keep the report cards.)

We will attend 8:30 Mass tomorrow, for the Immaculate Conception (a Holy day of obligation.)

Tomorrow is BAND DAY!!  Bring your instrument & music!  Concert is NEXT WEEK!!!  Don’t forget your instrument.

THIS FRIDAY, Dec. 9, is a ONE SESSION DAY, with a 12:15 dismissal.  BRING A SNACK.  Please be prompt with pickup, if at all possible.

English – Workbook, pp. 46 – 47, INCLUDING WRITING APPLICATION (on loose leaf), found on the bottom of p. 47

Spelling – pp. 49 – 50, and handout p. 51 (due on Friday)  Test is on Friday.

Spanish – Write the next 8 words on the list three times each.  Due tomorrow.


TUESDAY, Dec. 6, 2016

Still missing one Weekly Sheet from LAST WEDNESDAY!!  :( :(  These are distributed on a regular basis; please return ASAP.

Tomorrow is the Secret Santa Sale.  Students should bring $ (in an envelope, clearly marked with their name and the amount enclosed) if they wish to shop for Christmas presents.  We will visit at 9:50 AM.

English – Finish your final draft of your Personal Narrative; also, pp. 44 – 45 in English Workbook

Math – Workbook, p. 18


FRIDAY, Dec. 2, 2016


I am still missing 2 weekly sheets (distributed on Wed. 11/30).  Please return at your EARLIEST convenience!

We will have a CHRISTMAS GRAB BAG, for those who wish to participate, at our Christmas party on 12/23.  IF YOU WISH TO PARTICIPATE, you should wrap a gift for someone OF YOUR OWN GENDER.  You should mark that it is from you, and for “Any Boy/Girl”.  The tag might say “To: Any Girl, From: Mary” or “To: Any Boy, From John.”  Those who bring in a gift will come home with a gift, and those who do not wish to participate will not. LIMIT FOR GRAB BAG = $10. Gifts may be brought to school at any time, and will be placed under the tree until Dec. 23.

Next week is the Secret Santa sale … several moderately priced items will be available for the students purchase.  The purpose of this sale is to give the children an opportunity to shop for gifts for FAMILY.  It is not intended as their own personal shopping sprees! :)  Our class will attend on Dec. 7 (Wed.)  Please send in $ in an envelope, clearly marked with the student’s name, if at all possible.

Next Friday (12/9) is a ONE-SESSION DAY.  Aftercare is available to those who need.  BRING A SNACK.

Reading – Vocabulary, pp. 52 – 53 (complete).

Spanish – Write first 10 words from new list, 3 times each.  Due on Monday.


THURSDAY, Dec. 1, 2016

Still missing 3 weekly sheets (see design posted last night).

Math – Workbook, p. 16

Spelling – pp. 46 – 48 due, and Menu assignment due, and weekly test tomorrow.

English – Please complete your first draft of your personal narrative in your tablet (most have done.)

Social Studies – Complete Chapter Review (this was classwork today, and some — NOT MOST!! — have completed.)


WEDNESDAY, Nov. 30, 2016


Tomorrow is LIBRARY.  Please bring your library book.

Tomorrow is BAND.  Please bring your music & instrument.

Students received a WEEKLY SHEET today.  Here is what it looks like:


Please sign & return TOMORROW!!!  Thank you!

Social Studies – Workbook, p. 58

English – Finish classwork, pp. 127, 128 and 130 in Workbook. (This has been over three days of writing in class; many have finished.)

Reading – Poem paragraph

Spanish – Test tomorrow!  Study!


MONDAY, Nov. 28, 2016

 STILL waiting for TWO signed weekly sheets.  PLEASE sign & return TOMORROW!!!

Spelling – Write misspelled words 5x each, based on results of today’s Pre-test. (due tomorrow) (List on p. 46)

Science – Finish classwork (p. 53 from Workbook).  About HALF did not finish … please finish for HW

Reading – Quiz on “Seal Journey” story.  Mrs. McCann suggests re-reading story!
Spanish – Next test will be this Thursday, Dec . 1


TUESDAY, Nov. 22, 2016


Yesterday students received a Weekly Sheet … I am still missing 5!!!  Please return TOMORROW!! … I don’t want to be chasing these after the holiday weekend!!

It looks like this:



Tomorrow is a 12:15 Dismissal.  THERE WILL BE NO AFTERCARE TOMORROW!!!  A snack is not necessary, thanks to the parents providing goodies for our party tomorrow.

English – Finish classwork … Workbook, p. 40, and “Writing Wrap Up” (p. 101 in text … Write a paragraph on loose leaf about what might happen if a bat got into the school.  Use past, present and future tense verbs.

Reading – Packet, pp. 38 & 39

Social Studies – Finish classwork (definitions on current chapter.)


MONDAY, Nov. 21, 2016


Our Thanksgiving Mass will be at 8:30 on Wednesday.  Parents are welcome, as always.

Wednesday will be a ONE-SESSION DAY, with a 12:15 dismissal.  A snack may be brought on that day, but is not necessary.  THERE WILL BE NO AFTERCARE on that day.

There is no school on Thursday, 11/24 (Thanksgiving) or Friday, 11/25.

Students received a Cumulative Progress Report today … Please sign and return TOMORROW!!

Religion – Chapter 4 Test tomorrow.  Please review highlighted sections of your chapter.

English – Finish classwork, pp. 38 – 39 in Workbook.

Social Studies – Finish classwork, #1 – 7

Math – Test is tomorrow … Textbook, p. R-4 (back of book), Lesson 2-1, #1 -10; Lesson 2-2, #1 – 10; and p. R-6, Lesson 2 – 7, 1 – 13


FRIDAY, Nov. 18, 2016

IMPORTANT: As we approach the end of the marking period (11/23) 2 students still owe Mrs. McCann their SOCIAL STUDIES PROJECT, and 3 students did not complete their Spelling Menu assignment due on 11/18.  BOTH ASSIGNMENTS SHOULD BE HANDED IN ON MONDAY!!!

Those in 4A who are reading prayers during the week of November 28 have received their readings.  Parents, please assist your child by listening to them read the prayers & readings.  Please send the papers back on Monday, as I will do the same.

Thanksgiving donations will be accepted on Monday. 

Spanish – Word Search, due on Monday.

Math – Chapter Test on Tuesday

Religion – Chapter Test on Tuesday

THURSDAY, Nov. 17, 2016


Tomorrow is the last day for the Thanksgiving Food Drive items!!  Any one item will help!

Tomorrow is DRAMA CLUB for Grade 4.  Drama Club ends at 3:45 PM, and the students are dismissed at the Stop, Drop & Go door (or sent to Aftercare.)

Spelling – pp. 42 – 44 due, Menu assignment due, and test tomorrow.

English – Finish classwork: Text, p. 97 (Writing Wrap Up), and Workbook, pp. 36 – 37

Spanish – Word Search puzzle, due next Monday.

Social Studies – FOUR STUDENTS did not bring in their project!!  :(  This is ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY for their 1st Trimester Grade!!!  Please bring to school ASAP!!!


WEDNESDAY, Nov. 16, 2016


Thanksgiving Food Drive!!

Drama Club will meet this Friday after school.

Spelling – pp. 42 – 44, Menu assignment & test all due on Friday

Reading – Definitions on “Seal Journey” (almost every student finished during class.)

Social Studies – PROJECT DUE TOMORROW!!!!!!!!


TUESDAY, Nov. 15, 2016


Please send in one or more of the following items for our Thanksgiving Food Drive: flour, sugar, confectionary sugar, boxed potatoes, canned gravy.  Due, please, by FRIDAY, NOV. 18!

Drama Club for Grade 4 will meet THIS FRIDAY, Nov. 18.  After this, our last meeting for 2016 will be Dec. 9.

Spelling – pp. 42 – 44 due by Friday.  Also, this week, students will complete a Menu assignment, but should select from one of four this week: “Hidden Words”, “Story Time”, “Rhyming Words”, or “Riddle Me”. (they have explanation sheet of all menu choices).  Due on Friday, also.

English – Test tomorrow … Unit 1 Sentences.  We have already completed a Test Practice, and several extra practice exercises to prep for this test.  If students would like to study further, they may look over the “CIRCLE” section of their text books, pp. 56 – 62

Math – Workbook, p. 14


MONDAY, Nov. 14, 2016


There will be a THANKSGIVING FOOD DRIVE.  Families of 4th Graders are asked to send in one or more of the following items: flour, sugar, confectionary sugar, boxed potatoes, canned gravy.  Items are DUE BY FRIDAY, NOV. 18!!

Several of my students received reminders for parents, re: $ owed for past fundraisers (chocolate or Kidstuff books.)  Please remit ASAP!!

TONIGHT IS A SUPERMOON!!  Check it out. 

Students received photographs, taken in October.  IMPORTANT: IF YOU WOULD LIKE A RE-TAKE OF YOUR CHILD, YOU MUST RETURN THE PHOTOS TOMORROW!!!!  The Photo Life people will be here on THURSDAY this week.

Spelling – Write misspelled words from today’s pretest 5 x each.

Science – 5 students must make corrections on their Science chapter review (this is a test grade!!)  Also, Chapter 18 test is TOMORROW … use BOTH Study Sheets!!

Social Studies – Chapter Test tomorrow!


Spanish – Crossword puzzle, due Thursday


FRIDAY, Nov. 11, 2016

STILL waiting for two signed Weekly Sheets!!  :( Here is what it looks like:


Please sign and return TOMORROW!!  Thank you.

Reading – Vocabulary Test on MONDAY!!  Please study!!


Social Studies – Chapter test is (also) on Tuesday.  Students must STUDY for both of these subjects for these tests on Tuesday!

Also, students have a PROJECT due in Social Studies on Thursday, November 17.  Mrs. McCann distributed the instructions for this project several weeks ago … IF YOUR CHILD HAS MISPLACED THESE INSTRUCTIONS, PLEASE HAVE THEM SEE MRS. MC CANN ON MONDAY!!!


THURSDAY, Nov. 10, 2016


Tomorrow is a ONE SESSION DAY, with a 12:15 dismissal.  Please bring a snack.

3 people still owe me a signed “Weekly Sheet”.  Please bring back on Friday!

Spelling – pp. 38 – 40 due; and test tomorrow.

Science – Finish classwork (most have) pp. 542 – 543, #1 – 12 and #15 – 18, answers only in your tablet

Social Studies – Chapter Review and Geography Tie-In

Reading – Vocabulary, pp. 44 & 45

Spanish – Write the rest of the list words, 3 times each


WEDNESDAY, Nov. 9, 2016

Reminders:  Students received a CUMULATIVE PROGRESS REPORT today.  Please SIGN & RETURN the cover sheet only tomorrow!

Friday is a ONE SESSION DAY (12:15 dismissal).  Please bring a snack.

Spelling – pp. 38 – 40 due on Friday.  (No Menu assignment this week.)

Social Studies – Workbook, p. 51

Reading – One student did not complete Book Report, please bring tomorrow!!!! Vocabulary: Finish classwork, pp. 41 – 43

English – Finish list of Personal Narrative (aka story) ideas.  You must have 5 ideas.  (Most finished  … a few did not)

TUESDAY, Nov. 8, 2016

Reminder: Friday, Nov. 11 is a ONE SESSION DAY (12:15 dismissal).  Please bring a snack.

Spanish – Write first section of words 3 times each.  Due Thursday.

Reading – Book Report due tomorrow!!

Social Studies – Workbook, p. 55 (Crossword puzzle)

Math – Workbook, p. 30, # 1 – 9 ONLY


MONDAY, Nov. 7, 2016

Reminder to parents:  Vote!

This Friday (11/11) is a ONE SESSION DAY (Teacher’s Meeting), with a 12:15 dismissal.  Bring a SNACK.

Spelling – Write misspelled words on Pre-Test 5x each. (Due tomorrow)   Spelling books, pp. 38 – 40 (due Friday).

Religion – 2 students must make up today’s Chapter 3 test (tomorrow, if possible!)

Math – Text, p. 74, #7 – 18, show work in your notebook

English – Quiz tomorrow on SIMPLE SUBJECTS and SIMPLE PREDICATES.  

Social Studies – Workbook, p. 54, and Textbook, p.56


FRIDAY, Nov. 4, 2016

Reminder:  Clocks will FALL BACK this weekend!!!

Religion – Test on Chapter 3 on Monday (study highlighted sections of your book.)  You may additionally study by taking the Chapter Review quiz on www.BeMyDisciples.com , and clicking on “Student”, “Intermediate Grades”, and Chapter Review, Grade 4, Chapter 3.

Spanish – Tranlate current list words.

Reading – You have a Book Report DUE on NOV. 9!!!


THURSDAY, Nov. 3, 2016

Reminder:  I am STILL MISSING 1 Weekly Sheet from LAST FRIDAY!!  Please return TOMORROW!!

Tomorrow is a ONE SESSION DAY.  Dismissal will be at 12:15 … Please bring a SNACK!

Spelling – Finish pages 34 – 36, and weekly test tomorrow.

Reading – Quiz on “Sarah Plain & Tall” story tomorrow

Social Studies – Some students have not completed p. 47 in Workbook.  Please finish!!

Math – Mid Chapter (2) quiz tomorrow

Spanish – Finish translating the new list words from Spanish to English

English – Workbook p. 15


TUESDAY, Nov. 1, 2016

Reminders: Weekly Sheets were distributed on FRIDAY, and I am still missing TWO signed. Please try to return these sheets in a timely fashion!!

This Thursday, Nov. 3, there will be a Bake Sale during lunch.  All items are 50 cents.

This Friday, Nov. 4, will be a ONE-SESSION DAY.  Dismissal will be at 12:15 PM, and students should bring a snack on that day.

Spelling – Write list words 5x each if they were incorrect on the pretest.  Due tomorrow.  Workbook pp. 34 – 36 due on Friday.  As this is NOT a full week, NO MENU ASSIGNMENT this week.

English – Finish classwork, Workbook, pp. 11 – 12

Reading – Vocabulary Test tomorrow (study!), and Packet, pp. 28 – 29 (pp. 26 & 27 should already be done.)

Spanish – Crossword puzzle and word search puzzle both due on Thursday, as well as TEST on current list on Thursday.


TUESDAY, Oct. 25, 2016


Please return all monies for Kidstuff books and Candy.

Still missing one signed 1st Trimester progress report.  Remit ASAP.

Our class will attend the Scholastic Book Fair at school on Thursday, at 10:24 AM.  Any parents who wish to attend at that time, are welcome.  Please send in spending $ in an ENVELOPE, clearly marked with the student’s name & grade, and the amount of $ in the envelope.

Water bottles will no longer be allowed in the classroom.  Students in need of a sip of water will be allowed to visit the water fountain, when it is not a disruption to lessons.

This FRIDAY, Oct. 28 is an OUT OF UNIFORM DAY.  Students should try to wear some article of clothing that is pink or red, in honor of Breast Cancer awareness month.  THE COST OF THE OUT OF UNIFORM DAY IS $1.  

For those participating in Drama Club, we will have our second session THIS FRIDAY.  Dismissal is at the Stop Drop Go door at 3:45.

English – Those absent on Monday (or anyone who didn’t yet complete in class) pp. 7 – 8 in Workbook

Math – Those absent on Monday, complete p. 14 worksheet

Spanish – Current list in alphabetical order. (Due Thursday)


Reading – There will soon be a Vocabulary test, but the date is not yet announced.


MONDAY, Oct. 24, 2016


Students received First Trimester mid-trimester Progress Reports on Friday.  Please sign & return cover sheet.  Missing 4.

We will attend the school Scholastic Book Fair on THURSDAY, in place of our library period.  Please send students with book fair spending money in an envelope, clearly marked with their name, grade, and amount enclosed.

This Friday is an OUT OF UNIFORM day.  The day will be a FUNDRAISER for Breast Cancer awareness, and will therefore cost each child $1, for those who choose to come out of uniform.

Spelling – Write incorrectly spelled words on pretest, 5x each. (Due Tuesday)  As this is a FULL WEEK, there will be a MENU ASSIGNMENT, due on Friday.  Pages 30 – 32 also due on Friday.

Social Studies – Workbook, p.43

Science – Planet reports are due on Tuesday!! (10/25)

Math – Worksheet, p. 14 ONLY

Spanish – Arrange current word list in alphabetical order (due Thursday)


FRIDAY, Oct. 21, 2016


If you still have not returned payment for candy or Kidstuff books, please remit ASAP


Social Studies – Map worksheet (finish classwork)

Spanish – Repetitions assigned on Thursday are due on Monday

Science – Planet report is due on TUESDAY, OCT. 25


THURSDAY, Oct. 20, 2016

Reminders: Students received a flyer for the upcoming Book Fair,  and parents are certainly welcome to attend the fair when your child does … our time will be next Wednesday, Oct. 26 at 10:24 AM.

Spelling – pp. 25 – 27 * (*27 is a handout) due, and multiple choice test tomorrow (review of Lessons 1 – 5)

English – Workbook pp. 5 – 6 (this was classwork, and most finished.)

Social Studies – Workbook, p. 35

Reading – Packet, p. 23

Math – Worksheet, p.10(# 1 – 6 only)

Spanish – 2nd column of current list, 3 x each.

TUESDAY, Oct. 18, 2016



I am missing three Weekly Sheets … please return on THURSDAY!

Math – Worksheet (Skills Practice p. 9 side ONLY)


Science – Planet report is due on Oct. 25.

English – Finish classwork, pp. 3 – 4 workbook

Reading – Packet, pp. 21 – 22 / Vocabulary, pp. 24 – 25

Social Studies – Project due Nov. 17 (Mrs. McCann distributed instructions on a paper to the class today.)  Also, SOME STUDENTS did not complete last night’s workbook page.  :-(  Please complete (p. 37) tonight, due Thursday for partial credit.


MONDAY, Oct. 17, 2016

Reminder: This WEDNESDAY school is not in session, due to a Teacher’s Workshop all day.

Spelling – REVIEW WEEK … Test will be multiple choice.  pp. 25 – 27(*) due Friday.  (*p. 27 is a handout which the students have now received.)

English – Complete classwork, Workbook, pp. 1 – 2

Religion – Chapter 2 test tomorrow.  STUDY HIGHLIGHTED sections of your book!

Science – Complete lab report (should have been done in class.)

Reading – Current packet, pp. 19 & 20

Social Studies – Workbook, p. 37

Spanish – Write next section of words (days of the week, seasons) 3 x each.

FRIDAY, Oct. 14, 2016

Today was the first session of Theater Games / 4th Grade Drama.  If any 4th Graders would like to join, our next session (we only have 5 total sessions) will be on Friday, Oct. 28, and students will need a note from a parent or signed permission slip before Oct. 28.

Students received another CUMULATIVE PROGRESS REPORT today.  Please sign & return on MONDAY!!!!  Thanks! :)

Science – Students were assigned a Planet project today, and were given the form which they will fill out to complete.  It is not due until Oct. 25. (although, quite frankly, it should take students a very minimal amount of time to complete, and they may do so largely using their text books.)

Social Studies – There is, acc: Mrs. McCann, a festival happening in several towns this weekend, called “4 Centuries in a Weekend”.  Mrs. McCann provided students with a passport for this festival, which could be brought to this festival, and for which Mrs. McCann is offering extra credit in Social Studies.