Welcome to Mr. Flaim’s Webpage.

In my class, your child will be learning all about the amazing world of music. Each grade will cover a variety of subjects such as music theory, music history, and learning to read music, as well as learning proper singing techniques.

Grades K-4, will be focusing on their very first steps into musicianship. They will learn the basics of music, and apply those lessons to performance when learning songs. Children in these specific grades will also be taught the basics of clean, healthy singing, and they will surely develop a love for it!

Grades 5-8, will go much deeper in regards to music theory and history. Like their younger schoolmates, the older students will be challenged to develop a strong understanding of lessons taught in class. Some topics that will be covered will be advanced rhythm, sight singing, and proper singing technique. These grades will also be working on music for both Christmas and Spring concerts.