Pre-Kindergarten Three Program

Objective:  To introduce children to a Christian school environment. To provide various opportunities for children to explore, discover, investigate and learn through an age-appropriate thematic approach program.

Thematic Approach:    Some themes taught each year are, It’s Fun to go to School, Noah’s Ark, All About Me, Fall, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year, Winter, Valentine’s Day, Initial letter of Name, Name Recognition, Dinosaurs, Spring, Saint Patrick’s Day and Easter.

This approach to teaching and learning allows the integration of curriculums such as religion, mathematics, language arts, science, music, social studies, art and vocabulary. This approach helps children to learn to build relationships between and among various curriculums.

Religion:  The children will learn of the many wonders of God and Jesus through Bible stories, prayers, songs and activates using Children’s Bible, many children’s books and our religion series provided by RCL Benziger.

Fine Motor Skills:  Children will develop their fine motor skills through a variety of means. They will use Play Doh, paint, color with crayons, makers and colored pencils, use glue and glue sticks, and play in the sand and rice table.

Gross Motor Skills:  The children will develop gross motor skills in many ways. Weather permitting the class will go on our outside playground. They will run, climb and slide. The children will play with balls, hula-hoops and scooters in our gymnasium. The children will also spend time in the playroom where they can climb, slide and drive cozy coops.

Free Play:  Each day the children will enjoy free play. This time of the day will foster social and motor skills. Free time teaches children skills important to grow as an individual and as part of a group.