Objective:  To introduce the children to a Christian school environment.  Developing academic and social skills through work and play.


The children’s Bible and daily prayer will be introduced in conjunction with “Stories of God’s Love” (Pre-K-4 Religion series).  The children will participate in seasonal activities:  Advent, Christmas, Lent, Easter and May Crowning.


Fine Motor Skills Development
The children will develop their fine motor skills by cutting, pasting, coloring and painting while working on various art projects throughout the year.
Handwriting skills will be developed as children practice printing their names and upper and lower case letters.

Gross Motor Skills Development
The children will develop gross motor skills during gym activities (ball games, obstacles course, dancing, marching and bean bag games).

Free Play Time
This period is designed to develop social and motor skills. Playtime skills include classroom, playground and playroom unstructured play.

Language Arts

Phonetic Awareness
Introducing rhymes, sounds and symbols.
(Reinforced with worksheets, games and hands-on activities).

Letter Knowledge
Will consist of letter recognition, letter identification, letter formation and beginning sounds.
(Reinforced with worksheets, games and hands-on activities).

Book Awareness
Books will be introduced to the children through story time, school library and guest/buddy readers.

Pre-Math Skills

Number Awareness
Will consist of counting 1 to 20, recognizing and naming numbers 1 to 20, ordinal numbers, comparing sets and shapes and the calandar.

Social Studies

Studying of holidays/celebration, presidents and famous people, my family, my school, and community helpers, careers and field trips.


Topics covered in science will include:  weather and the seasons, nature walks, outer space, experiments, animal kingdom how plants grow, and the life cycle of the butterfly.


Spanish Curriculum