Catholic Schools Week 2015

Enjoy photos of our Drama Presentation, Books on Parade, Jeopardy, Geography Bee, Retreat and PK4 Quilt-making…

DSC08358 DSC08359 DSC08360 DSC08361 DSC08363 DSC08364 DSC08365 DSC08367 DSC08368 DSC08369 DSC08370 DSC08371 DSC08372 DSC08373 DSC08374 DSC08375 DSC08376 DSC08377 DSC08378 DSC08380 DSC08381 DSC08382 DSC08383 DSC08384 DSC08385 DSC08386 DSC08387 DSC08388 DSC08389 DSC08390 DSC08391 DSC08392 DSC08393 DSC08394 DSC08395 DSC08396 DSC08398 DSC08399 DSC08400 DSC08401 DSC08403 DSC08404 DSC08405 DSC08406 DSC08407 DSC08408 DSC08409 DSC08410 DSC08413 DSC08414 DSC08415 DSC08416 DSC08417 DSC08418 DSC08419 DSC08420 DSC08421 DSC08422 DSC08423 DSC08424 DSC08425 DSC08426 DSC08427 DSC08429 DSC08430 DSC08435 DSC08436 DSC08437 DSC08438 DSC08439 DSC08440 DSC08441 DSC08443 DSC08444 DSC08445 DSC08446 DSC08447 DSC08542 DSC08543 DSC08544 DSC08545 DSC08546 DSC08547 DSC08548 DSC08549 DSC08550 DSC08552 DSC08553 DSC08554 DSC08555 DSC08556 DSC08557 DSC08558 DSC08559 DSC08560 DSC08561 DSC08562 DSC08563 DSC08564 DSC08565 DSC08566 DSC08567 DSC08568 DSC08569 DSC08570 DSC08571 DSC08572 DSC08573 DSC08574 DSC08575 DSC08576 DSC08577 DSC08578

Grade 8 Pin Ceremony

The SMS family celebrated Catholic Schools Week at a school liturgy, which culminated with the Eighth Grade Pin Ceremony.

photo_1-2 photo_2-3 DSC08319 DSC08322 DSC08323 DSC08324 DSC08325 DSC08326 DSC08327 DSC08328 DSC08329 DSC08330 DSC08331 DSC08332 DSC08333 DSC08335 DSC08336 DSC08338 DSC08339 DSC08340 DSC08341 DSC08342 DSC08343 DSC08344 DSC08345 DSC08346 DSC08348 DSC08349 DSC08350 DSC08351 DSC08352 DSC08353 DSC08354 DSC08355 DSC08356 DSC08357

3A Rosary Plays

DSC08269 DSC08270 DSC08274 DSC08279 DSC08283 DSC08288 DSC08289 DSC08291 DSC08292 DSC08295 DSC08299 DSC08301 DSC08303 DSC08304 DSC08312 DSC08314 DSC08316

Mother Seton High School Honors

Several young ladies in our eighth grade were honored with scholarships to Mother Seton High School.  Pictured with them is Mrs. Kathleen Joseph of the Mathematics Department, formerly an Algebra teacher at SMS.


Pep Rally 2015

Students in PK through Grade 8 attend Pep Rally.

DSC08046 DSC08047 DSC08049 DSC08050 DSC08052 DSC08054 DSC08056 DSC08064 DSC08073 DSC08082 DSC08083 DSC08084 DSC08085 DSC08090 DSC08091 DSC08093 DSC08094 DSC08095 DSC08096 DSC08098 DSC08099 DSC08100 DSC08101 DSC08102 DSC08105 DSC08107 DSC08108 DSC08110 DSC08112 DSC08113 DSC08218 DSC08219 DSC08220 DSC08223 DSC08226 DSC08227 DSC08228 DSC08229 DSC08230 DSC08239 DSC08242 DSC08245 DSC08247 DSC08250 DSC08251 DSC08253 DSC08254 DSC08256 DSC08257 DSC08259 DSC08261 DSC08263 DSC08265 DSC08267 DSC08268

12-23-14 Christmas at SMS

2014-12-23 09.26.39 2014-12-23 09.26.45 2014-12-23 09.26.59 2014-12-23 09.27.03 2014-12-23 09.27.59 2014-12-23 09.28.10 2014-12-23 09.28.19 2014-12-23 09.29.11 2014-12-23 09.29.32 2014-12-23 09.29.42 2014-12-23 09.29.51 2014-12-23 09.31.34 2014-12-23 09.31.41 2014-12-23 09.31.49 2014-12-23 10.01.22 2014-12-23 10.02.17 2014-12-23 10.02.23 2014-12-23 10.02.35 2014-12-23 10.03.38 2014-12-23 10.03.45 2014-12-23 10.04.48 2014-12-23 10.08.21 2014-12-23 10.08.51 2014-12-23 10.10.13 2014-12-23 10.10.30 2014-12-23 10.16.56 2014-12-23 11.00.04 2014-12-23 11.00.16 2014-12-23 11.00.23 2014-12-23 11.00.30 2014-12-23 11.00.40 2014-12-23 11.01.41 2014-12-23 11.01.48 2014-12-23 11.01.54 2014-12-23 11.02.00 2014-12-23 11.02.10 2014-12-23 11.03.20 2014-12-23 11.06.52

Christmas Concert 2014

Grades 1-8 performed beautifully at our Christmas concert…great choral presentation, band performance and Grade 1’s Nativity was spectacular!

DSC07930 DSC07931 DSC07932 DSC07933 DSC07934 DSC07935 DSC07936 DSC07937 DSC07938 DSC07939 DSC07940 DSC07941 DSC07942 DSC07943 DSC07944 DSC07945 DSC07946 DSC07947 DSC07948 DSC07950 DSC07951 DSC07952 DSC07953 DSC07954 DSC07955 DSC07956 DSC07957 DSC07958 DSC07959 DSC07960 DSC07961 DSC07962 DSC07963 DSC07964 DSC07965 DSC07966 DSC07967 DSC07968 DSC07969 DSC07970 DSC07971 DSC07972 DSC07973 DSC07974 DSC07975 DSC07976 DSC07977 DSC07978 DSC07979 DSC07980 DSC07981 DSC07982 DSC07983 DSC07984 DSC07985 DSC07986 DSC07987 DSC07988 DSC07989

Feast of Immaculate Conception

Grade 5 students pay homage to the Blessed Mother.


Giving Tree Donations

The members of the SMS family gave generously to the annual Giving Tree.

DSC07922 DSC07923 DSC07924 DSC07925 DSC07927 DSC07928