School Overview

Catholic schools are generally recognized for superior academic achievement, and Middle States accredited Saint Michael is no exception. Over the past five years, Saint Michael students have on average surpassed nationwide Terra Nova standardized test scores.

High test scores are just one indicator of our students’ academic achievements. Walk through Saint Michael’s halls and look into any classroom, and you will see our students actively engaged in inquiry, discovery, and learning. You may see preschoolers sitting in a circle learning the Spanish alphabet, or visit a second floor classroom and watch the seventh graders debate the environmental impact of a recent lab experiment.


Our certified teachers are integral to our students’ academic success.  They bring to their classrooms diverse educational and professional backgrounds that contribute uniquely to academic enrichment.  Saint Michael’s teachers are committed to bringing out the best in our students through individualized attention in controlled class sizes.


Faith and reason are the two wings on which the human spirit rises to the contemplation of truth.” Pope John Paul II


Saint Michael’s graduates are well prepared for high school and beyond.  Alumni go on to top area schools such as Union Catholic, Saint Peter’s Prep, Seton Hall Prep, Roselle Catholic and Mother Seton Regional High School. Georgetown, Marist, Fordham University, Seton Hall, Notre Dame, and New York University are among the universities our graduates attend.